Cheat Sheets

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SafeMama™ Cheat Sheets started back when I read about BPA one day in 2007.  I spent so much time looking for safe products that I just knew other parents were doing the same.  Parents are tired and pressed for time. I thought sharing my findings in easy to read lists for shopping or de-cluttering purposes would be handy.  Since then we’ve come up with a great deal of cheat sheets and product showdowns to help you make the right choices.  We’re your original source for all things “Cheat Sheet”.  I am constantly updating these lists so you have the most current information we can give you.  Here’s a list of the ones I have available:

As we learn more and grow, I continuously update these cheat sheets to reflect that new information so please check back often to make sure you have the most updated info.  I am working on several more so stay tuned!

Notice: PLEASE do not redistribute these lists anywhere without my prior written consent. If you would like to share this information with your readers, please link back here. We spent time away from our kids, pouring over ingredients lists, digging in the EWG Skin Deep Database and learning about chemicals, plastics, materials and processes. Please help us make that worth our time and energy by not copy/pasting our work on other websites, communities, forums or blogs without permission. It is also not cool to copy these sheets, add your own input to them and republish them as your own.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Want to request a cheat sheet? Contact us and let us know!