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Last updated on July 14th, 2022 at 11:16 am

vitaminsI get a lot of questions about vitamins. Which kid’s vitamins are safe? That sparked my digging and researching desire so I started to take a closer look.  I have avoided this topic in the past for a couple of different reasons.

One is my own personal philosophy on nutrition and the need or lack thereof a need for vitamin supplementation. If you eat well, you don’t need vitamins, in my humble opinion.  But I also know that sometimes eating well-rounded isn’t possible and we need to fill in the gaps when we can.

The other reason is that these are supplements. Supplements come with so many questions about safety and whether they are properly tested for things like lead. Stories of lead being in vitamins surfaced a few years ago and I was torn in two directions. Trust the big name brand companies because of their ability to mandate rigorous testing, or stick with the organic and natural brands even though some didn’t make it through the testing phase with flying colors?

So take this list with the notion that I don’t believe there are perfect vitamins that are the safest and the best. Having said that, these brands are free of some major things that we can avoid if we chose to give our kids multi-vitamins. I have also carefully selected brands that exhibit consideration of the ingredients they use from safe sources and responsibility to the environment.

All Kids Multivitamin Brands Must Be Free Of

Brands Passing SafeMama Inspection

Have a brand that you think passes the test? Email me and let me know!