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Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 10:42 am

The Current SafeMama! Kristie

Kristie SafeMamaHi fellow SafeMama’s. I’m Kristie, a long time SafeMama super fan. Years ago when both Kathy and I had small children, I helped contribute on this website. Now I am carrying the SafeMama torch to make sure parents continue to have a safe place to find helpful information. The original goal of SafeMama remains the same.  I look forward to helping you and learning from you.

If you have any questions please contact me.

SafeMama™ should serve all parents as a resource to find information to help them protect their kids. With the onslaught of toy problems, lead paint, toxic chemicals, and other health concerns popping up in the news, I wanted to create a site where parents can go to find what they need to make educated and informed decisions.

Here is a picture of myself, my sweet daughter Nicolette and my rambunctious corgi.

The Original SafeMama! Katherine.

Hi! My name is Katherine. I am a mother of two boys aged 15 and 12.  In 2007, I found it to be completely overwhelming to spend time researching safety issues for my first child. That was 15 years ago! I spent hours looking up Bisphenol-A, reading about the hormone-mimicking chemical called phthalates in PVC, or looking for the latest toy recalls. I had an “a-ha” moment and thought that I must not be the only parent scouring the Internet for information about things that affect our children. I started SafeMama™ to keep it all in one place.

If I can save one mother or father an hour of valuable time and provide them a space to get informed, figure out what to buy, or not to buy, without having to go from site to site to site looking for answers… then I’ll sleep better tonight.

There are dozens of sites like mine now and they are all run by great people and parents like me.  What I can offer you is my knowledge of 15 years researching as a concerned parent, like you. My door is always open to your questions.

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