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Safer Nap Mats Wildkin Review

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/12/11 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:37 pm

wildkin pink dot nap matThose of you who have kids starting in preschool this year may or may not be looking for a nap mat.  When my youngest son started a long day program, they told me he needed a nap mat for their rest time.  Ok.  So I asked where to buy it and they directed me to their stash in the main office.  Horrified, I bought a vinyl trifold mat filled with foam (and likely doused with flame retardants).  I lost sleep over it.  So when I got home I SCOURED the internet for something better.  At the time all I could come up with was some handmade ones on Etsy and lucky for me (sarcasm) she stopped making them. I found a “phthalate-free” version of the nap mat (KinderMats I think) but it was still filled with flame-retardant foam.  I even contacted a safe mattress company and said “The world needs safe nap mats, please make some, I’m begging you“.  Long story short I never got my hands on anything decent and I still cringe at the thought of my kid laying on that toxic infestation.  Ok, I’m being dramatic but it bugged me.

SafeParents, you now have an OPTION.  Let us rejoice. Finally.  A company called Wildkin, which is a new discovery for me this year, makes all kinds of things for kids like backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and yes NAP MATS.  These smooshy nap mats are naturally flame retardant and never treated with toxic chemicals.  YAY! No vinyl, no phthalates, no lead, and no flame retarding chemicals.  These are totally worth it.  If I had the option, I would have pounced.

They come in a variety of cute patterns for boys and girls and they also feature a detachable pillow and an attached blanket that has a cotton flannel interior.  You can roll them up and fasten them with velcro and have a handy carrying handle.  They are totally machine washable too.  These are perfect for daycares and preschools that require a nap mat, and would make a cute sleeping bag for home or travel.  I love these and am so glad to have found a safer alternative to those vinyl foam mats.wildkin nap mat rolled up

OMG Where Can I Get One?: You can get Wildkin Nap Mats from Wildkin.com


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