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Product Review: ThinkSport Sports Bottle

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/16/08 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:57 pm

thinksportSince I’ve researched so much information regarding Bisphenol-A and leeching plastics, I am slowly trying to eliminate unnecessary plastic in my life. One thing I have done is stopped my use of plastic bottled water. Not only do those little bottles find their way into landfills when they aren’t recycled but they consume resources to make and really, do I need a new bottle of water every time I go to the gym in the morning? No. Enter ThinkSport. After discovering ThinkBaby‘s new line of bottles and cups I stumbled on their stainless steel sports bottles. I fell in love instantly. Here was my opportunity to do what I’ve been saying I’ll do for years.

I ordered a ThinkSport in black. The bottle is larger (holds 750ml) than most little water bottles which work out pretty well since I don’t have to refill as often and it makes for a good take-along when I need extra water to fill up my son’s sippy cup when we’re out and about. Also, the bottle just looks cool. It has a nice tapered waist and fits in your hand perfectly. The spout is the perfect size opening. I always hated those wide-neck Nalgene’s because I inevitably spilled water all over myself when using it. (Not to mention possibly ingesting BPA in the process). The bottle has a double-walled vacuum-sealed stainless steel construction so it keeps cold liquids cold and I assume hot liquids hot for longer periods of time. I take it everywhere I go. I drag it around by its little strap.

A little extra nicety… it includes a removable screen part that you can insert to keep ice cubes or tea leaves in the body of the bottle instead of sneaking out into the spout. I took it out for general gym use but I can totally see the benefits of using it. It is easy to remove and put back in…it has a little handle. Sweet.

The Bottom Line: In summary, I love it. I use it daily and have it by my side at all times. Having a cool non-plastic bottle that is mine and only mine has encouraged me to drink more water during the day, which is of course a health benefit. My only critique is the exterior. I have the black model and it has been dropped in the parking lot a few times and sustained only minor scratch damage. That, I don’t mind… but the metal exterior makes this bottle a little bit clangy. It clangs on my keys and if dropped everyone hears you in a 5-mile radius. It might benefit from a rubber sheath or coating to soften the blow and make it a teeny bit more durable. But that won’t stop me from using it. It works great, feels good to hold, and is totally non-toxic from every angle. Free of Bisphenol-a, phthalates, polycarbonate, cadmium, and lead. It gets a whole-hearted thumbs up. My husband tried to steal it so I’ll be ordering another one for him.

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