Wildkin Safer Sleeping Bags (& Giveaway)

By Kristie Turck •  Published 02/08/13 •  2 min read

WILD-17080There’s a massive snow storm heading through the northeast US today and tomorrow. What better time to huddle in at home under the covers and drink hot cocoa! (Who are we kidding, the kids will be going bonkers trapped at home).  So maybe distract them with forts and play time snuggly sleepovers? I have written about Wildkin products before and was so thrilled to find their awesome Nap Mat at The Glass Baby Bottle. They also have sleeping bags for kids!

The biggest concern for parents looking for nap mats and sleeping bags is flame retardant chemicals, lead and vinyl.  It’s hard to detect whether kids pajamas and sleep products are treated chemically with flame retardants or the flame retardants have been built into the materials.  Either way, they may or may not be “toxic”.  The concern I see being most problematic is foam padding or batting in the sleeping bags being unclear as to whether its made or treated as well.  The information is muddy and uncertain, not to mention depends on the product.  So I’d rather choose something I trust to be made safer to begin with.

Wildkin’s sleeping bags are never treated with flame retardant chemicals and are tested to ensure they are also lead, pvc, and phthalate free. They come in a bunch of adorable prints for both boys and girls. They are seriously cute and functional.  For sleepovers, living room hangouts, and they would make the perfect gift for the kid who has everything already.

You can find them at The Glass Baby Bottle along with other great safe products for babies and kids.

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