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Review: CuZn Bath Filter from WaterCheck

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/25/08 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:19 am

After hearing so much about water and what could potentially be in my water like prescription medication and chlorine I started to pay more attention to where my water comes from.  Living part of the year in Florida’s Palm Beach County I am all too familiar with “boil orders” and “fecal contamination” at unacceptable levels, only to find out a week after the fact.  So even now, when the problems with our water have been corrected I still flinch a little every time I put my son in the tub.  I wonder what he could be sitting in.  It’s no secret that water treatment plants also use chlorine and other chemicals to clean water for public use.

A little peace of mind came to me from WaterCheck.biz in the form of a CuZn Bath Ball Water Filter.  A house filter wasn’t in my budget this year so using a Bath Ball was ideal.. at least I’d know my kid was bathing in clean water!  The Bath Ball is really easy to use.  It comes with the round ball housing a totally recyclable filter.  You slip the ball onto your bath faucet and it hangs underneath.  Turn on your water and it runs through the filter in the Bath Ball into your baby tub or just right into your tub.

I immediately could tell the difference.  Our water has always had a slightly chlorinated scent to it and once the tub was filled enough for my toddler I could not smell chlorine at all.  Who knows what else it filtered out but in the months where my son usually has dry skin he has had considerably LESS dry skin.  I haven’t had to put a stitch of lotion on his legs this year, which is a first.  I think this is a perfect thing for a new parent

The CuZn Bath Ball can filter 26,000 gallons of water and can last up to a year.  The filter is totally replaceable which means this is a much more affordable measure than applying a whole house filter for us.  The WaterCheck people have a real devotion to conserving the earths resources and donate portions of their profits to sustainability projects and advocate safe water conservation.

Get One: WaterCheck.biz carries the Bath Ball and replacement filters as well as a bevy of other water conservation tools and home testing kits.

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