Review: Bumboosa Wipes

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/04/09 •  2 min read

bumboosa I have to admit, since having my daughter, I’ve been a bit lazy (read: frazzled and learning to balance life and being a mom of two) about using the cloth wipes, like I was using for my son.   I don’t like that I’m using more of my share of disposable diapers and wipes these days, but right now, getting through a day unscathed is my ultimate goal.

So, I’m glad that there’s another bamboo wipe option out there for me to take advantage of, making me feel less guilty about my impact on the environment.

Enter Bumboosa.  Bumboosa wipes are great because they’re made of bamboo, which is is not only naturally sustainable, but the wipes themselves are biodegradable.   No trees are harmed in the making of these wipes.  They’re soft, with a nice orange smell to them and they don’t seem to dry out the way regular wipes do.  I mean, yes, they dry out, but it seems to be a slower process.  This is nice, because do you know how many times I’ve left half a wipe hanging out of the package?

Overall, they’re not a bad wipe, but if I to make a short wish list of things I’d like to see in these wipes, it would be:

A slightly bigger and thicker wipe.  Kids make big messes.  My daughter saves up the poop and then unleashes it in one diaper, resulting in me using practically an entire package of wipes.   Sustainable or not, I don’t want to use a package of wipes every time I see the tell tale signs of the arrival of a dirty diaper.

A little less fragrant:  This is just a personal choice.  They don’t smell bad, but the smell is strong.

Get it: You can order Bumboosa by the case at