Book Review: Do It Gorgeously by Sophie Uliano

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/11/10 •  2 min read

If you aren’t familiar with Sophie Uliano she is the fabulous author behind the New York Times Best Seller Gorgeously Green and The Gorgeously Green Diet: How to Live Lean and Green that came out a year or so ago.  She just published her third book Do It Gorgeously recently, and it is the perfect follow up and a terrific resource.  Sophie believes that as women, we can make an impact on the earth and live an earth-friendly life without giving up style and glamor.  She is my kind of lady!

The basic premise of the book is to highlight ways we can create things ourselves… which usually end up being more eco-friendly and easier on our wallets.  A lot of you know that saving money is paramount right now and living for eco-consciously can really help you save money.  Who wants to buy expensive shampoo when you can make it yourself? Well, some of us do but that’s just one of a zillion ideas she presents in Do It Gorgeously.

Her recipes and do-it-yourself how-to’s include things like making your own health remedies (cough syrup and chest rubs), how to make your own barbecue sauce, make your own compost bin,  recipes for making your own skincare or baby care products… there are a million things in here that I never even considered doing myself like making my own shower curtain out of bed sheets or making my own Mint Zinger mouthwash.  Most of her recipes and how-to’s try to utilize things you may already have.  For some of the skin care and product recipes, you’ll need to invest in essential oils and ingredients but in general, this is a great resource to have on hand when you’re wondering what to do with an old pair of jeans (make a diaper bag out of them!) or with an unused Tupperware tub (compost bin!).  It’s staying on my shelf for when I need some ideas for DIY and re-purposing.

GET IT: Do It Gorgeously is the perfect resource for the eco-chic who want to do more DIY and less spending. Pick up your copy at