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Coughs and Sniffles: House Blend Eucalyptus Chest Rub

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/22/14 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 10:23 pm

house blend chest rub

Polar what? All I know is it’s cold and we’ve all been battling coughs for weeks.  I am over it.  But to help soothe the coughs and sniffles this time of year when we are bound to catch a bug or two, there are natural remedies to help us.

Nagging coughs are the worst, especially for kids when they are trying to sleep.  Here are some of my best ideas to at least help you try to get through it until it subsides.

Honey – I know we have all heard this one but I do think it helps.  As long as your child is old enough and doesn’t have a known allergy to it, this is a safe and natural way to help settle a yucky cough.  A teaspoon or two before bed and as needed. My kids think it’s kind of neat.  I can’t get them to drink tea so this is the next best thing to soothe a cough.

Humidifier – Keeping the air moist can help keep things moving along.  Dry heat from our homes can inhibit healing and make scratchy throats feel worse.  Placing a clean humidifier in any bedroom will reap great breathing benefits.

Lemon Water – Drinking water in the morning with a few slices of squeezed lemon is known to help clear out mucus and is an added boost of fluids and vitamin C!

Chest Rubs – I know you can buy these anywhere but they are all typically petroleum based and very harsh.  Natural versions work just as well and you have a little peace of mind that you aren’t slathering a thick petroleum based chemical on your baby.  One of my all time favorites is by House Blend Organics called Cousin Sam’s Cool Eucalyptus Chest Rub.  A little here and there and airways clear up.  I have heard that putting this on kids feet and covering with socks can stop a cough.  I’ve never actually tested it though.  House Blend’s products are all completely natural, and certified organic.  But the best part is they are made so well – I love the entire line.  If you have chapped hands like me (from all that hand washing) I love love loooove her Organic Lavender Balm (and the Coconut, and and and… can you tell I love this line?)

Find it here: Good Things Green Things (10% off with code “safemama”)



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