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Review: ThinkBaby Feeding Set

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/20/09 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:55 pm

thinkbabyAs a mom to a 3 year old attending preschool, food storage came to the forefront of my focus lately.  He’s already outfitted with a safe lunchbox, but I wanted to make sure the food inside was wrapped safely, while being reusable to reduce waste.   I got the chance to try out the new ThinkBaby Feeding Set and they have developed a great set that has a permanent home in our container repertoire.

The Thinkbaby Set is all lined with food grade stainless steel while the outer durable orange covering and lids are made with polypropylene.  ThinkBaby prides themselves with the level of safety all parents hope for.  All ThinkBaby items are free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, lead, nitrosamines and melamine.  And I can definitely appreciate that.

The ThinkBaby feeding set includes several items, packed into a cute gift box.  It includes a rectangle Bento Box with snap on lid,  soup bowl and baby bowl with lids – which have come in most handy for many scenarios.  I pack fruit or snacks in the bowls, or store cold pasta salads and mini sandwiches in the Bento Box for the lunchbox.  I also use them to bring fruit and  snacks in my diaperbag to the playground or to grandma’s house.  They even include a fork and spoon, perfectly sized for little hands and mouths… and they fit right in the Bento when  you’re done.  My only gripe was that a standard sandwich doesn’t fit in the Bento Box but if cut up smaller it works just fine.

My favorite, and mostly due to the stage my son is at, is the cup.  I was just thinking about looking for a kid sized mug for him and ThinkBaby has that covered too.  The cup is a great size, and has a generous handle making it really easy for him to pick up and use without spilling.

I’ve always loved all the ThinkBaby and ThinkSport products and this set is no exception to that love. I’ll be using this for my 3 year old son andfor my new baby when he or she starts baby food – this would make a perfect baby food storage set for on-the-go.  Thumbs up from SafeMama!

Get it:  You can pick up a set right on ThinkBaby’s website or at The Soft Landing,

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