SafeMama Review: Mambino Organics

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/14/08 •  2 min read

I stumbled across Mambino Organics in my countless late night searches for more products that I don’t need, but have to try (which my husband is loving *sarcasm*). Mambino Organics is the brain child of Maki Maodus, a top L.A. aesthetician who wanted something safe for women to use during pregnancy.

I got to try out the Oh Baby! belly butter and the tippy toes baby oil. I love them both. I wish I would have found this stuff during my pregnancy to at least try to stave off some of those horrible looking post pregnancy stretch marks. But at least with this stuff, I can work on fading what I already have. What I also love about the belly butter is that it smells heavenly. Like fresh ripe mango. The shea butter and mango butter also make a really great night time foot cream as well. And because it smells so good, I don’t mind rubbing it on from head to toe.

The baby oil is great for massage time. Some of the oils I’ve tried have been very thick and greasy, which I can’t stand after getting my own massage, I can’t imagine that a baby likes it any better. This stuff isn’t too heavy, but it moisturizes nice and is unscented, so you can use it on a newborn. This will be great during the winter, when my son gets really dry, flaky skin.

Get it: You can order Mambino Organics direct from their website and enjoy free shipping on orders over $70.