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Review: Lusa Organics Wipe Juice

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/23/09 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:50 pm

lusawipeAs often as possible, I try to do cloth wipes.  One, to save some money on the insane amount of wipes we seem to go through in this house,  and two, given that we’re already using cloth diapers 85% of the time, it just makes sense.   Doing cloth wipes is super easy.  I use baby washcloths and that works fine, but you can also make your own by cutting up flannel or terry cloth.

I’ve tried a number of things for actual cleaning.  I pre-moist my wipes by using a solution of baby soap and some water, storing them in the wipes warmer, but that didn’t work out well.  Neither did just a plain old conventional wipes container.  The wipes started to smell, so I keep dry wipes at my finger tips and use a spray bottle.   Again, trying a couple of different things until I tried Lusa Organics baby wipe juice.

I can’t really say enough about this stuff.  First, it’s super concentrated, so I really only need about a teaspoon to some warm water and I have enough wipe juice to last me for months, from one bottle.  The actual bottle of wipe juice will probably last me well until he’s done with diapers, so this is awesome for those of you who are on a tight budget, or just don’t like flushing your money down the toilet with disposable wipes (pun intended).    Second, it keeps my son’s bottom soft and rash free.  I’ve never had too much of a problem with rashes.  Now and again, I might see some eczema here and there, but since I’ve started using this stuff, his skin has been totally clear.  It’s great for quick cleaning of other things.  Hands, face, snotty noses.   All without drying or chafing the skin.   The few times my son has had a flare up, I’ve used the Booty Balm and it literally makes his skin clear after a diaper change.   Granted, my son’s skin never gets that bad, but after one diaper change?  The booty balm is also great for chapped noses and minor scrapes.

sm-award1We give Lusa’s products the SafeMama excellence in safety award.   All of Lusa’s products are chemical free and use as many organic ingredients as possible.   They’re great even for those with the most sensitive skin.   They also have products for Mama as well.

Get it: You can order any of Lusa Organic’s products directly off their website.

Bonus! Enter “safe mama shop” in the comments during checkout when ordering from LuSa Organics and you’ll get a free gift with your order!

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