Review: Kids Konserve Lunch Sets

By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/17/09 •  2 min read

Now that my 3 year old is in pre-school, finding safer school supplies and lunch items came to the forefront of my life. I didn’t want to become part of the giant pile of waste created by disposable lunch containers and wraps so I went on a hunt to find better solutions that wouldn’t be a pain in my time-limited neck.

kitc_smallI got a chance to try out the lunch sets by Kids Konserve.  Their sets come with everything you need to take lunch with you and you come away with zero waste.  ZERO.  That’s something I’ve been working toward while keeping the materials I’m using safe.  The kit comes with a Velcro seal canvas lunch bag, a canvas place mat (this was great for me more than my 3 year old – especially at the park), a reusable sandwich wrap, 2 stainless steel containers for snacks, fruit or whatever really, and a stainless water bottle.. all in a stylish matching print.

I was really pleased with all the components and it works perfectly for lunch on the go.  The stainless containers seal air tight and keep things fresh, and the sandwich wrap miraculously kept my sons sandwich held together until lunchtime.  I’m trying to teach my son about helping the environment and keeping the planet clean so he gets a kick out of using this system and then bringing it all home to use again the next school day.

Kids Konserve has a bevy of other reusable lunch storage items like mini stainless tins (great for dips or condiments), insulated food thermos for warm or cold food,  and my favorite thing – party supplies.  The volume of waste created at parties is phenomenal.  They have sets of reusable party dishware for class parties, picnics or parties at home – all made of recyclable yogurt containers.  Cool!  Kids Konserve gets a thumbs up from!

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