Review: Earth’s Best Baby Formula

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/04/09 •  3 min read

cat_formulaWhile we all know that breast is best, there are just times when you can’t breastfeed.  My son was strictly formula fed.   I really wanted it to work out with my daughter, but she is just not a good nurser.  She loves the comfort of it, and I do what I can, but there was a lot of problems in the beginning, that just never helped her learn properly.  So while she gets what she’s willing to take, she does still get formula supplementation and this time around, I felt that if I had to give my baby formula, I wanted to go the organic route.

There are a few organic formulas on the market.   I chose Earth’s Best because it’s comparable to conventional.    I want to say that it makes me feel better knowing that it’s FDA certified, but my feelings about the FDA aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy.    It meets the needs of what I need it to do, and eases the guilt by a fraction knowing that I’m not giving her added pesticides or growth hormones.

The price is pretty steep.  I order it from Amazon through their subscription service to save a little bit of cash, but overall, if you’re needing to formula feed and want to choose organic, you’re going to pay for it.   They say it’s easily digestible and I don’t know if that’s true.  My daughter “goes”, but I prefer the breastmilk variety poop (yes, I just said poop) over the formula variety.  It smells like DHA and, and she doesn’t exactly look comfortable when she does go.   The taste (and yes, I did taste it), to me is pretty disgusting, again, I can taste the DHA in it, which I don’t really find appealing, especially knowing that breastmilk does not taste the same, but my daughter doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.   I noticed that she does take her time eating it, unlike her need to inhale a pumped bottle.  Go figure.

Overall, it’s not a bad formula.  It comparable nutritionally to the big brands out there, and is a nice option for those that don’t have a choice in the matter, but want to feed their baby organic formula.   The other plus is that there’s no sucrose in it, like there is with other brands.  The con is that it’s expensive.   A 25.5 ounce can runs about $29, so if you’re full time formula feeding, you’ll be blowing through these in a matter of days.

Get it: You can order Earths Best organic formula through  Sign up for their monthly subscription service and save %15 (about 23.99 a can), and if you’re a member of amazon prime (completely worth it if you’re planning on signing up for the subscription service), you get free two day shipping.