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Raise Them Well Prenatal Vitamins

By Kristie Turck •  Published 04/11/16 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:43 am

I have been working on a few things in tandem but one of them is a short cheat sheet on vitamins for kids and moms.  I have avoided it in the past but I felt that with the number of questions I get regarding supplements I better look closer at it.  I have a list of several brands that meet my expectations of safety.  Prenatals were something I wanted to tackle too.

Prenatal Vitamins
When I was pregnant with my first child I remember the nurse handing me a bag of prenatal vitamin supplements to try.  I was instructed to test a few and let them know at my next monthly visit which one I wanted an Rx for.  I took them home overwhelmed with the entire pregnancy Doctor visit in general, and having had a miscarriage once already, I was mildly terrified to “do something wrong”.  Later as I looked at all the supplements I was given I was kind of disgusted at the things listed in the ingredients.  Things that didn’t sound appealing or even necessary.  Really… does my prenatal vitamin need to be pink? I’m a pregnant woman not a 5 year old little girl who needs to be tricked into eating her vegetables. Later I went hunting for prenatals that were a bit more natural and didn’t contain artificial ingredients or weird preservatives.

I’m no longer pregnant (6 years post-baby and I’m not going back for another) but I still tested these out. I had the opportunity to try the new Raise Them Well prenatal vitamins developed by an Integrative Medicine physician and his wife who wanted to find a better and healthier way to nourish and protect their growing family.  I am really pleased with how Raise Them Well approaches wellness. The ingredients are very straightforward, natural and safe.  The capsules are a vegetable cellulose, have no food coloring and are not the size of horse pills like some prenatal vitamins can be.  I take vitamins at night so I didn’t experience any “repeating”. If anything I think my hair is just looking shinier?

“Really… does my prenatal vitamin need to be pink? I’m a pregnant woman not a 5 year old little girl who needs to be tricked into eating her vegetables.”

Raise Them Well included some updated prenatal nutrition ingredients that are lacking in some of the commercial brands on the market.  Such as folic acid that is prenatalseasily absorbed by mom as well as vitamin B12 in a more natural form that is easy to absorb as well as effective – we want those babies and moms healthy as can be, and this is certainly a better and safer alternative.  There are no artificial ingredients or fillers either which in many mainstream brands are consistently present.

I’ve posted here about Raise Them Well products before (I love their baby and mom products already) so after having a chance to test these prenatals out, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at what will be coming in my next cheat sheet!

How to Buy It: You can find Raise Them Well conveniently on Amazon.com.  But! They are running a limited promotion to try the product for $4.99 (Normally they are $32.99) in exchange for your honest review.  I have spoken in depth with the family behind this business and I can assure you, they care very much about their products and it’s safety and effectiveness.  They just brought baby #2 into the world just recently themselves!



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