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Tools to Green Your Fitness Routine

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/24/12 •  4 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:43 am

When I started getting involved in running and training, I decided to green my routine.  While using safe products at home was easy, for athletes, it’s tricky.  Many companies use synthetic materials and ingredients to get the job done.  I was determined to go green. Here are a few of my favorite tips to green your fitness routine.

How To Green Your Fitness Routine

  1. Chafing Prevention: Squirrels Nut Butter Anti-chaffing stick – Most people who exercise well have run into chafing, especially in the hot summer heat.  Ill-fitting sports bras, new shorts or *ahem* new running skirts (I won’t say who) can rub you the wrong way.  People swear by Body Glide, and it does work, but I hate all the chemicals.
  2. Chafing Healing:  Sometimes, even the most potent anti-chafing measures can’t protect you from unknown chafing targets.  For a little help in the healing department, I have found that Earth Mama Bottom Balm is perfect for that.  It heals diaper rash; why can’t it heal chafing?
  3. Protect: Hurraw! SPF 15 Sun Lip Balm – SPF is important when you spend a lot of time outside running, cycling, swimming, walking, or whatever you do for fitness.  Lip Balm with SPF can be a multi-purpose tool.  Lips, yes, but what about the tops of your ears or the bridge of your nose? Those often skipped spots can be a target for unfortunate sunburning or skin cancer.  My favorite is HURRAY! SPF 15 Sun Lip Balm.  it glides on smooth and protects with non-nano zinc oxide.  Natural and organic ingredients (also non-GMO) soothe and moisturize while you bang out your workout.  I keep it with me all the time.
  4. Sports Nutrition: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews & Gels – Long workouts require consuming some calories to get you through the extended periods without hitting fatigue.  The idea is to give your body fuel to keep going.  There are a hundred brands of sports “gels” and chews and jelly beans you can take.  Many of which are just a shot of dextrins and sugars and preservatives. They work, don’t get me wrong.  Although, the idea of putting that stuff in my body while working so hard got me thinking.  I discovered Honey Stinger products at my local bike store.  They have natural ingredients and some of their products are Certified Organic.  I feel better fueling my body with something a little more natural.
  5. De-Funking: One of the things I’ve been doing to prepare for my last triathlon is swimming in my local lake.  I did not grow up swimming in lakes so they are something I’ve had to get used to.  Yet, I keep my eyes closed in the water and hope not to bump into a giant fish or a snake.  So when I get home and clean off, there is nothing more enjoyable than the scent of Earth Mama’s Citrus Body Wash.  It’s clean and fresh smelling and rinses away the yucky lake leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated… and most importantly clean.
  6. Post Work Out Nutrition: NatureBox.com – I try to eat a clean diet and avoid many processed foods if I can.  I’m not a robot, though – thanks to my wicked sweet tooth, I enjoy my treats.  Part of the training for anything involves feeding your body the right stuff.  I’ll do a bigger review of NatureBox later but their nuts and seed combinations make eating healthy snacks a little more exciting than normal. One of my favorite treats is a bag of lemon pucker pistachios. The bag went away too fast.  You can sign up for their monthly service and receive healthy snacks, including dried fruits, granola, and nuts each month.  Great for the kids too – my first grader snacked on a spicy seed mix after school.

Got any greener fitness product alternatives? I’d love to hear them!

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