Modern Twist Placemats: Functional, Stylish & Safe

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/21/10 •  3 min read

I had not heard of Modern Twist until recently and was eager to check out their products.  Modern Twist creates stylish chic placemats, coasters, and other fun items like drink markers – all made of hand silk-screened silicone.  You can choose from botanical or modern patterns that are subtle and delicate but have a very chic look.

The sheer soft silicone enhances your table top and is very pleasing to the touch.  Best of all they are very practical.. no more washing and ironing cloth mats.  These silicone mats wipe or sink rinse clean.  You can also fold, flop or mess them up all you want and they will flatten out wrinkle and crease free every time. I tried.. they’re still flat!  Since they are made from silicone they are free of BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.  They come in recycled and recyclable packaging too!

They carry a really creative and fun Kidz Box that comes with one silicone doodle mat (14″ x 16″) and 6 dry erase markers so your little buddy can color or doodle the same mat over and over… which is whats been going on here for 2 days. I’ve washed the doodle mat about 15 times and it shows no signs of wear or staining.  We also received their cute owl placemat which my son decided to color on with a marker of his own choosing (not the marker they provided) and it did stain a bit but I think it was partially my fault since it sat overnight with marker on it before I got to cleaning it. Lesson learned – use the dry erase markers or clean it off right away f you use a washable marker.  I don’t think the marker my son used was washable (we have a zillion markers in this house) and the other mat he’s doodled on 15 times shows no staining whatsoever.

The Kidz Box would make a very unique gift for any kid – especially those kids that have everything. The placemats or coasters or drink markers (which double as napkin rings) would make a terrific hostess gift instead of the usual bottle of wine.  The Kids Placemats would also work great for kids at  restaurants or visiting friends and relatives… roll it up with the markers and bring it along to keep them busy.

These are really cool … I kind of want a set of the coasters for myself.  They’re going on my wishlist!

Get Them: You can order any of the Modern Twist items from their beautiful website or find a retail location near you!