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Have An Eco-Friendly Easter!

By Kristie Turck •  Published 04/07/11 •  4 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 12:02 am

For those that do celebrate the Easter holiday and engage in the traditions of Easter Baskets and egg hunts I have compiled a few things I indulge in for my kids (and myself – I like treats too!) for the holiday.  Since this is a manageable holiday and doesn’t require a ton of planning, I can narrow down some of my old favorites I’ve come to instinctively order each year and some items are merely suggestions for those who need new ideas.  Here are my top picks for this year:

Organic Hopp’n Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny

What’s an Easter Basket without a chocolate bunny? Lame that’s what! (I’m kidding… kids really don’t care that much). But if you want to eat chocolate, and let’s all admit right now that we steal candy from our kids stash, why not get something organic?  These USDA Certified Organic Hopp’n Easter Bunnies are hand crafted and wrapped in compostable cellophane gift bags and secured with ribbon made from recycled bottles. It’s 5.5″ tall and solid chocolate, made here in the USA (Vermont).  This bunny also comes in a Milk Chocolate version too.  Compared to some organic chocolate I’ve found, this is not an arm and a leg either.  $12.00 per bunny.

Surf Sweets Jelly Beans

I order Surf Sweets Jelly Beans every year because I feel better knowing that the junk they’re eating isn’t full of artificial food coloring, and might even have some slight benefit in the form of vitamin C.  Each serving has 100% daily allowance of vitamin C, is made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners, are gluten and casein free, and are 97% organic and vegetarian.  So while the kids shovel jelly beans in their mouth I don’t cringe as much.  I only obsess about their teeth.

Nyokki Egg Pet Plant

I try to not load our Easter baskets with just junk… especially since kids get bored with it quick.  So I usually come up with a project or something to entertain them with.  This cute little Nyokki Pet Plant is the perfect gift for your little budding gardener.  Handmade in Japan from glazed ceramic and has felt legs so they can perch on a windowsill while you watch grass sprout from their head.  Your kids can water it, and watch it grow.  Then later they can cut or “style” the grass hair. Or it can just be a cute little planter you and your kids enjoy working on together.

Gluten Free Aromatic Play Clay by Mama K’s

Play dough or clay is always a hit at our house. So why not gift them with something creative and fun that will last beyond Easter morning? This gluten-free Aromatic Play Clay by Mama K’s is handmade with organic essential oils to make play time fun and creative (and soothing!).  Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamont and Lemongrass sounds much more pleasant than most dough smells I’ve come across… and what pretty (and Easter-y) colors! You can get a 7 pack of 4oz tubs for $30 or a mini kit for $9.00. Mini kits come with all 7 scents, make great gifts and are small enough for airplane traveling.

Dandelion Organic Plush Duck

It’s no secret I love all the organic plush toys that are made by Dandelion.  They are soft, cuddly and cute.  It doesn’t hurt that they are made with organic cotton and fillings so your sweetie pie is cuddling the safest softest materials available.  This little Dandelion Duckie is perfect for Easter and will become your child’s Easter buddy.  All their toys are soft but durable and stand up to standard kid abuse.  They have a variety of stuffed friends to choose from but I thought this little Duck would be the perfect Easter friend.

Eco-USA Eco-Eggs Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Gone are the days of day glow petrochemical egg dyes and in comes the era of vibrant and natural egg colors. The concentrated powders are made with plant, fruit and vegetable extracts instead of petrochemical food dyes. The Eco-Eggs kit comes in a cute little egg carton (of course)and all the supplies you need to create colorful eggs and Easter fun.  Included are 3 pots of natural dye powder, a color mixing instruction card, and egg creature cutouts so you and your kids can make fun little animals and bugs out of your eggs.  The company reformulated this year and the dyes are as vibrant as ever. You can see my recent review to see how pretty they turn out.

What will be in your basket this year? 🙂

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