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Healthy Snacks After School

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/01/12 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 10:13 pm

Now that we’ve got the food storage covered, I think, don’t we? I struggle with getting the kids to eat healthy after-school snacks.  My younger son is good about eating fruit and veggies, but my older son now tells me he “doesn’t like” everything that isn’t junk food. I limit what they get that is not healthy (I’m not a total buzz kill) but convincing an almost 7-year-old that they need to eat more healthy things is not always easy.  Creativity comes into play, and I often rely on my awesome smoothie-making skills to sneak some kale or spinach into them.  But I think teaching kids about eating healthy is important too – instead of just tricking them.

I do a shopping and prep day on Sunday to set up for the week.

List Of Our Favorite After-School Snacks

Another Safemama suggested:

“I have a snack menu posted in the kitchen with ideas in 3 categories: fruit/veggies, protein, and treats (which is mostly carb stuff but also fruit popsicles, popcorn, granola, etc.) They can pick 1 item from each category. Works great for us. They have freedom of choice/control over what they eat, but it also teaches them about healthy choices and balance.” Kelly W

Websites for good snack ideas:

Weelicious – Recommended by Cheryl on Facebook – recipes for first foods to school lunches in one tidy food resource

100 Days Of Real Food – Offers explanations on why processed food is not the best option and how to eat a cleaner diet without being a total bore. Her Recipes and Resource section are fantastic.

What are your favorite healthy snacks for those hungry kids after school?

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