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Gift Idea: Safe Yoga Essential thinkSport Yoga Mat

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/29/11 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:34 pm

I’ve been getting fit this year.  Part of that means doing some Yoga which I’ve fallen in love with.  I run now (without being chased by a bear) and Yoga seems to align my body and keep things in working order better than I could with any other exercise. So once I started

Yoga regularly, my Yoga mat became more important.  Initially I started out with a basic mat I bought at Target because I was too much of a phobe to use the gym mats.  It seemed fine at first until I started wondering what it was made of.  I had heard that years ago they were all made of PVC… but surely they weren’t made of that now, right?

What I discovered was two things.  One is that some yoga mat makers are very careful about how they describe their mats.  They rarely say PVC free but almost always brag about being Latex free.  Some of the “eco” mat versions tout “Does not contain 6 of the most harmful phthalates”.  So, does that mean there are other phthalates in it? The “non-harmful” kind?  Others are made of natural rubber.  One major brand says their mats are phthalate free but I never see the words PVC or Vinyl free in any descriptions.  thinkSport specializes in safe products so I knew this one would be a good bet.  I was right. This yoga mat is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and biologically toxic chemicals.  Thank you thinkSport!

The second thing I learned is that I require a thicker yoga mat.  The basic mats are 3mm thick. But one kneed or tailbone on a 3mm thick mat makes my body angry.  So I needed a thicker mat.  I was elated to find out that thinkSport, the makers of some of my favorite non-toxic sport and baby products, came out with a  thinkSport Yoga Mat!!!  The clouds parted, a rainbow appeared.

I hurriedly brought my new thinkSport Yoga Mat to the gym to try it out.  I *love* this mat.  Love it.  It’s thick enough to cushion my joints and not so thick that its like carrying a tree trunk.  The texture is really soft but provides excellent grip for all types of yoga or Pilates practice.  Despite being sweaty, I never have slipped.  There is no crazy off gassing scent and it looks really sharp.  They also have great colors to choose from.  I knew thinkSport wouldn’t let me down.

This would make a perfect gift for someone and I plan on gifting this to someone else this year too. thinkSport will be under our tree this year!


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