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Britax B-READY Stroller

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/12/10 •  5 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:40 pm

After considering stroller safety a while back, I’ve been checking out various strollers features to see which ones offer the best in safety.  People don’t often consider much about safety with a stroller as they do with a car seat.  And I understand why… but accidents do happen in strollers and I’ve seen first hand what happens to an over loaded stroller – they can tip backwards posing a serious head injury risk to the child.  Some strollers are riskier than others in that department.

I was more than thrilled to have the chance to test out the new B-READY stroller by Britax the last few months and I have some really positive feedback about it.  Let’s check it out.

Basic Features: The B-READY is a very versatile stroller in that it has dozens of configurations including a second seat and infant carrier in many ways.  14 ways actually.  If you look at their images online of the many ways it can be configured you’d be amazed at the possibilities.  The top seat is reversible and has 3 reclining positions and if you include the second seat, that also has 4 reclining positions as well.  It has 4 point suspension for easy maneuvering and spacious under carriage storage with a removable storage bag that includes insulated drink holders.

What I loved about it: The Britax B-READY is one of the smoothest strollers I’ve experienced.  I supposed the 4 point suspension has a role in that.  The storage space is plenty and fits my diaper bag and anything else I happen to have with me.  I have never once needed to hang anything off the handles. But here’s the thing – without my child in the stroller I loaded it up just to see and I hung my large diaper bag full of stuff along with 2 reusable bags full of groceries off the handle bar and the stroller did not tip backwards or even lift off the ground. The center of gravity is much better balanced than other strollers I’ve used.  I don’t recommend ever doing this with a child in it.  I just want to point out that it’s quite stable.

Ample storage... even my dog fit in there. She liked it

The top seat has 3 reclining positions and you can lift and reverse the position so baby can see you or he can look forward. I’ve used both positions with ease and it’s a quick step to get it switched around.  Very easy to do.  My only wish would be that the most upright position be a bit more…upright.  Now that my son is a little older he likes to sit more forward so he can eat snacks. But the way it’s designed he is almost always somewhat reclined.  Which may not be an issue for some.  The signature stroller brake that Britax uses allows you to lock and unlock the stroller by stepping on and pressing down on one pedal.  Many others require you lock both wheels and that you need to jam your toe under the pedal to push it back up to unlock it.  If you have ever done this with sandals on you know it’s not easy to do.

The canopy has 3 large sections to it so it covers nicely… it would be ideal if it went one more to shade completely but it hasn’t posed too much of a problem.  The peek-a-boo window for mom is convenient and is a mesh window (versus a vinyl one) so there is better airflow.  Plus, I don’t like vinyl anyway.  There is plenty of storage and despite it not having a “mom tray” at the handle bar, I’ve not missed it too much. But that may very well be a deterrent for some.  Britax did replace the mom tray with a removable insulated pouch with houses 2 drink holders and a center pocket for keys, etc.

3 Reclining Positions allow for easy and comfy napping

My only gripe with modular strollers is that they tend to be really heavy, especially with an extra seat attached.  This is also the case with the B-READY but the features kind of make up for it. We even took this stroller on our recent trip to Disney World and while it’s not the most convenient stroller to carry, once you’re inside the park it’s kind of a dream to have it – smooth steering among the crowds, big canopy to block the sun and a good recline for napping while big brother rides Splash Mountain.

Adjusting the shoulder straps is a cinch with one step – no rethreading or any of that baloney. Folding the stroller up is super easy and if you aren’t a goofball like me you won’t pinch any fingers. You lock the brake, pull up on the handle bar grips and fold it down.  Done and done.

The B-READY is really versatile and perfect for expanding families that need options and want something stylish.  Whether you need to use the infant seat adapter or the full second seat there are a ton of configurations to accommodate your style. The stroller holds kids up to 55 lbs so it will be around for a while.  And it looks stylish!  The test stroller we used was in their silver fabric but it also comes in red, green and black as well.  Overall it could use one or two tweaks but as far as a stroller goes, they really nailed it with this one.  It’s pretty fantastic.

Get It: You can buy the B-READY online at Amazon.com.

DadLabs has a really great demonstration from Kate of Britax during the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas – she shows you how easy it is to to make the stroller into a travel system.  She also demonstrates how easy it is to fold up even with the second seat attached.

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