Safe Mama: Boycotting Fisher Price

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/09/08 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:02 pm

My son has a fair amount of Fisher Price toys. A lot of them gifts from grandparents and various friends, sure, but being that he’s an only child, we’ve definitely supplied him enough plastic from China to help put some of those workers into early retirement. It’s not something I’m proud of, and as he outgrows his toys, we’re definitely making a more concerted effort to choose toys that are less noisy, more educational and thought provoking, as well as better for the earth.

We’ve gotten emails from numerous Safe Mama readers regarding Fisher Price’s motives on keeping parents in the dark regarding the materials used in making their toys. Most companies have been very nice about disclosing product materials used in their toys, which warms my heart. Not so much with Fisher Price. It seems that Fisher Price refuses to give out information on exactly what types of plastic are used in their products. No matter how much they’re pushed. Stating that they either “Don’t have that information...” or that the information is “proprietary.” Nearly every person that has called has been assuaged by statements like “all of our products are tested for safety” and “meets strict testing standards.” Quite frankly, we’ve had enough. This is a company that makes up a large percentage of the world’s toys and I find it disgusting that they try to hide behind their legal team to avoid telling consumers what the products are comprised of.

There are lots of other great toy options out there, which we support and plan to support through this website. From here forward, we at Safe Mama will not be purchasing, promoting or otherwise acknowledging anything from a company that so adamantly refuses to disclose product information to its consumers.

We understand, that Fisher Price is within their rights to not disclose material information. By assuring consumers that “It’s made with the highest of safety standards.” they are covering their behinds. That’s all fine and good but as we have all learned or will learn this year is that just because a company stands behind something that the higher powers say is safe, doesn’t always mean it is. In essence, Fisher price is telling us “It’s safe, cupcake…don’t worry your pretty little head about the details.” As if to suggest that as a parent we can’t comprehend what polypropylene is or how the recycling code system works. This isn’t rocket science, but parents today are learning about these things and have a right to know what their toddler might be chewing on.

What applaud companies such as Phillips Avent or Playtex that can come out from behind the “We stand by BPA and it’s safety” wall and disclose their materials because it’s what their customers want. Even though they still support and sell it, we can respect the fact that they are listening to us. Fisher Price, we’re afraid, is being a bully and assuming we’ll all continue to buy their products and get over it. Sorry Fisher Price… until you start giving parents what they need to feel comfortable buying your products, we just won’t buy them.

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