Safe Mama Review: Pit Putty

By Kristie Turck •  Published 04/23/08 •  3 min read

Last updated on September 25th, 2008 at 12:41 am

With everything going on in the news, I haven’t had much in the way of time to post a review, and generally, I’d say this is a good thing as news is what keeps us going around here, but this review is one that I’ve been been pretty excited about. I know you’re probably thinking: excited over deodorant? You need to get out more, Statia. And indeed I do, but that’s not going to stop me from being excited.

Replacing all of my beloved beauty products has been a very arduous and painful process. For one, I LOVE product. At any given time, I was once known to have at least 11 tubes and/or tins of lip gloss in my handbag. Now that I’m trying to live a less chemical life, it’s been trial and error, and also a lot of money. One of the last things I tried to replace was my antiperspirant. For one, most of the natural deodorants that are out there, are just that, deodorant, not antiperspirant. I was kind of scared of that, since I sweat like my father (and that’s just not pretty). The other thing is that most of them were like rubbing honey on my armpits, which left me feeling sticky all day, on top of sweating.

Enter Bubble and Bee Organics. I found Stephanie and Steve’s site while surfing around and I really don’t even know how I stumbled upon it, but I was really intrigued by Pit Putty. I slept on it, paced and took one long last hug of my icky chemically laden antiperspirant, before I bit the bullet and ordered it.

Oh my sweet baby Jesus. I saw angels! And rainbows! And unicorns! I LOVE this deodorant. When I first put it on, it was really flaky, and I looked in the mirror at my black t-shirt, that was now covered in white stains, and I was disheartened, but then I realized that I didn’t need an entire stick. I backed off and used a small amount, rubbed it in, like the directions said and then headed off to spend a day out in the hot sun. I did sweat a little bit, but it wasn’t much and quite frankly, we’re supposed to sweat, but I did not stink. At all. I wanted to give it a good week to give it a fair chance. I still love it. It isn’t sticky in the slightest, and when you rub it in, there’s no residue left behind. And it smells great, kind of like chai.

All of Bubble and Bee’s products are chemical free and organic. Everything smells so fresh and light. And Stephanie and Steve are so committed to making sure you’re happy, that they’ll go the extra mile to help you find a deodorant if you’re not satisfied.

Now if only I can convince them to make it in 5 gallon drums….

Update: There’s been a big response to Pit Putty both here and over at Bubble and Bee, which makes me happy. Stephanie has been generous enough to offer a coupon code. Simply enter the code “safemom” at checkout and save 15% off your order, over $35, which can also be combined with free shipping on all orders over $50. (offer expired, but check out the new offer over at LovelyMama valid until 11/1/08)They have several different deodorants to choose from. And if you’re not happy with it, they have an awesome deodorant guarantee policy.