Review: Badger Sunscreens!

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/01/09 •  3 min read

badgerspf30We recently published our Safer Sunscreen Cheat Sheet for this year and in doing so, I went ahead and tried out some brands I hadn’t tried before.  You know, all in the name of fun in the sun.  I knew I had to try Badger’s sunscreen first since I have heard so many different things about it.  I learned about Badger, the company, by chance one day when a friend sent me one of their lip balms (anyone who knows me well knows my love for lip balm) and I saw a line of their Badger Balms in a store shortly after.

Badger is a family run business out of New Hampshire that they started out of their kitchen in 1995.  Now expanded to a larger and very friendly company (they give their employees free organic lunches!).  All of their products are made of 100% natural ingredients – no chemicals.  When possible they use organic ingredients and all their products contain 60% or more organic ingredients.

On to the sunscreen. Badger’s SPF 30 Sunscreen is now one of my favorites.   This sunscreen applies smooth enough to spread all over and while it does have the trademark whiteness that almost all natural sunscreens do, I see this as a positive thing.  It does apply white, and will absorb quite well – but the whiteness actually helps me to see what areas of my son I’ve covered before it becomes more transparent.  So no spots missed and phantom sunburn spots to be had.

They use 20.5% Micronized Zinc Oxide for the sun protecting ingredient which forms a physical barrier between you and the sun.  They’ve done a lot of research and have a very useful and informative FAQ section on their site that explains sun protection, why they chose Zinc Oxide,  and has a really great explanation of micronized vs nano in their Sunscreen FAQ.  (For those of you who emailed us to say “how could you recommend XYZ sunscreen with micronized particles???” this is a great explanation as to why).

What I also love about this brand is its naturally water resistant.  Like many of you, your kids can spend hours playing in water, toweling off and playing some more. Badger seems to withstand a great deal of wear and tear without having to re-apply.  If you’re at the beach you KNOW how much of  pain it is to re-coat a kid covered in sand.  Not fun!

There is no overpowering smell and due to the water resistant nature it stays out of eyes and where it belongs.  It really protects well and I’ve started using it on myself as well.   Badger gets two thumbs up from

Get It! Badger Sunscreens come in SPF 30, SPF 15 and in an SPF 15 Lip Balm as well.  These are great for face and body, adults or kids.  totally safe and natural for everyone and without any nasty junk to harm you or marine life.  You can order Badger Sunscreen online from their website, through, or at retails stores.