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Raise Them Well Baby & Mom Skin Care Line

By Kristie Turck •  Published 02/21/16 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 10:22 pm

IMG_1803Remember being pregnant, or maybe you are, and when your belly starts to get big and stretch that it got itchy? That tight skin holding your guts and your kid in your body felt like it was being pulled tighter than an overinflated balloon? I remember it.  And I still have the scars to remind me where it itched the most. I used belly oil and cocoa butter to no end and still ended up with what I call my “tiger stripes”, my daily reminders of what my body was capable of doing.

I was introduced to Raise Them Well just recently and I was intrigued, at first because one of the creators, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach like me! Twinsies! But after looking at their products online I was really interested in checking it out.  Raise Them Well sent me samples of their products to try out for you.

I’m not planning on being pregnant again but I was excited to check out their Magnesium Oil roll on. If you don’t know, Magnesium is kind of a muscle relaxer.  It’s ideal to help treat and prevent headaches and migraines as well as muscle cramps and other tension related ailments. The product is developed for kids but I can’t see why any of us could use it.  Formulated for sensitive skin, you roll this on the soles of the foot or between the shoulder blades to elicit the calming effects of the product.

So I am done being pregnant in my lifetime but I really wish I had this Magnesium Oil Baby Belly Balm when I was. The texture is literally like softened butter and smells divinely like lavender.  Magnesium aids in enhancing the pliabilty of the skin and hence, relieves the itching associated with rapid growth. It looks and feels so good I want to eat it.  This is also be a great product for muscle soreness.  As someone who lifts weights I can attest that it felt great after a tough workout.

Raise Them Well has created a Foaming Baby Wash too that is very simple and free of the toxic ingredients that I feel don’t belong in skin care products. I let me 6 year old use this without worry that it would sting his eyes and now that he is a bit more independent the foam is really much easier for him to use in the shower or tub. It gets rave reviews on Amazon too.

Thank you Raise Them Well for letting me try out your products.  You can pick them up on Amazon and they look to be Prime eligible and a really good price for what you get. SafeMama Approved and our new addition to the Skin Care Cheat Sheet!

You can find their products on Amazon or check out their website for more information!

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