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Non-Toxic Halloween: Luna Organics Face Paints

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/13/10 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 10:26 pm

Luna Organics Organic Face Paints

I’m sure you’ve been there… at a birthday party or a festival and the kids want their faces painted like a tiger or a butterfly.  They sit patiently for what seems like the first time ever, while you twist and writhe inside thinking about the awful ingredients being put all over their face.  That stuff can’t be good right? Who makes it? What’s IN it? Lead? Phthalates? Then Halloween rolls around and you need to paint whiskers on little Lisa and make Tony into a vampire.  Now what?

Luckily there is an option now.  I discovered Luna Organics through The Glass Baby Bottle a while ago and I’ve been meaning to point it out to my lovely readers.  Luna Organics is a com

pany started by a mother of two little girls who wanted safer play makeup for her daughters. Based in New Hampshire, they create a variety of kits that are perfect for face painting, costumes, play time or sporting events.  They are made with natural ingredients and contain not parabens or toxins, and use mineral micas for pigments that are not micronized.  Luna Organics is a signer of theCampaign for Safe Cosmetics as well.

Each kit is about $14-$20 but you get enough make up to last you several applications.  All the colors come in BPA Free containers for safe storage.  The costume kits come with a couple of colors, white face powder applicators and a storage tin. You can choose from several costume options like Clown, Bunny,  Animal Medley or choose their Rainbow Kit and get creative.

Get It! You can pick up Luna Organics Face Painting Kits from The Glass Baby Bottle and get them in time for Halloween!  Update (Sept. 2015) Luna Organics is currently reformulating their line of face paints, there are several other safer options on the market including Glob and Go Green Face paints.

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