Natural Remedies Crash Course for Rashes

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/28/12 •  5 min read

Last updated on February 8th, 2016 at 06:46 am

I had an experience recently that forced me to find a natural way to deal with uncomfortable side effects.  In the Fall I tend to be more sensitive to allergies and allergens in my environment.  Tree pollen makes me itchy and watery, and apparently more prone to allergic reactions.  My ears started itching one day, and the next, I woke up with my entire face broken out into a bumpy rash that extended to my neck and a few other spots. It was awful.  I wracked my brain trying to figure out the cause… did I use new laundry detergent? lotion? eat something unusual? No.  I had done nothing out of the ordinary that I could think of.  I was so uncomfortable, so I took a trip to the Urgent Care center nearby.  The Dr took one look at me and said, “Have you eaten any mangoes lately?

A very unhappy SafeMama waiting for Urgent Care to open. The fact that I’m sharing this atrocious photo with all of you proves my devotion to you. If this doesn’t prove my love of, I don’t know what does.

I had.  Two days prior I had bought 10 of them at the grocery store.  My kids love mango as do I, and we eat them all the time.  They looked a little different than the usual ones but it didn’t seem to be a big deal.  I peel them, and cut them up for the kids at breakfast or for smoothies.  I’d been doing it all summer.   It turns out, (and I learned this the hard way) that the Mango tree is related to the poison oak / poison ivy family and has the same oil on the tree sap and fruit skin called urushiol.  I am allergic to urushiol from being in contact with it on poison ivy. I’ve suffered from those rashes in the past thanks to my childhood cat.  So I must have peeled the mango, touched my face and then promptly sweat it all over myself. (I went for a bike ride shortly afterwards – it’s all I can think of as a reason it spread down my neck and in other sweat prone areas)  Hello, rash.

So there I was with this rash, which was incredibly ITCHY.  I tried my best not to itch it since it was on my face and I was concerned about scaring and infection.  I decided to be as careful with it as possible but I needed some relief.  Here’s what saved my life:

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bath Blossoms   – Ok so I know this is for babies but after a frantic email to Mama Melinda from the EMAB Compound, she instructed me to use this.  Boy am I glad I emailed her.  She saved me.  Anyway, so the idea is to use a few sachets to make a “tea” with it.  I soaked 3 sachets in warm water and made sort of a strong tea with it.  This is messy but I didn’t care at all.  I took the tea bags out and just used them like a poultice right on my face, dipping back into the tea.  I stored the tea in the fridge and reused it cold to further relieve my itchy face (which was the worst at night).  These helped me tremendously and made it possible for me to actually sleep.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal has always been known for it’s soothing properties… when I was a kid it was oatmeal baths that I sat in when I came down with Chicken Pox. For this particular exercise, a thick paste of oatmeal and water was made into a mask for my face. Normally it might be a beauty treatment, but this time it was a very unattractive method of relieving my allergic reaction.

Source: via SafeMama Kathy on Pinterest


Lemon Juice – I had read online that lemon juice was a natural remedy for poison ivy rash amongst many other things like brightening your laundry or as an emergency deodorant.  So I was squeezing lemon wedges on my poison ivy-style rash to stop he itching and dry it out. This was temporarily effective!

Source: via SafeMama Kathy on Pinterest

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm –  I continue to find uses for this stuff as life goes on.  Chafing, cuts and scrapes,  and now this.  I had a few really irritated itchy spots on my neck and chest that during the day that would be re-irritated from my clothes.  Bottom Balm was the one thing that would relieve me.  It didn’t look totally attractive to be smeared with Bottom Balm but when your face is covered with a poison ivy-like rash, you simply don’t care. Bottom Balm has healing properties since it’s designed to soothe, heal and protect baby’s rashy bottom. Seemed only logical to use it for this!

I read a ton of other natural remedies like soaking in a baking soda bath, witch hazel, and a few other weird ones that I’d probably never have the resources to create.


Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to Mango Peels? Or Posion Ivy? What are your itchy home remedy solutions?