FAQ: What’s In My Toddler’s Toothbrush?

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/07/08 •  2 min read

Last updated on November 23rd, 2009 at 08:34 pm


As the mother of a 2 year old who does occasionally chew on his toothbrush, I wondered of its safety.   Apparently, I’m not alone in this and I’ve gotten a dozen emails from parents asking this very question. Do toothbrushes have Bisphenol-A in them? Are they safe?

SafeMama Jaime, our resident researcher, took on the challenge of finding out what some those little toothbrushes are made of. In the interest of efficiency she contacted a couple of the most popular child toothbrush carriers Oral-B and Learning Curve. Here are the results:

Oral-B carries a bevy of children’s toothbrushes, and we were pleased to find that ALL children’s toothbrushes are made with polypropylene (#5) plastic. The heads and bristles are made with Dupont Nylon Tynex, thermaplastic elastomer, brass staple wires, pigments, and some have the heat transfers.

Learning Curve reported in:

American Red Cross Toddler Toothbrush 2 Pack: Polypropylene #5 (outer) TPA Krayton (inner) and have nylon bristles

Infant to Toddler Oral Care Kit: Polypropylene #5 with nylon bristles;
Infant Finger Brush: Silicone

Alicia from The Soft Landing has already determined that the Sassy Teach Me Toothbrush Set and the Raz-A-Dazzle Silicone Toothbrush is Non-Toxic/BPA Free as well.

This is just a few popular ones, that thankfully are BPA free.

Updated May 7, 2008:

Gerber Grins & Giggles: Polycarbonate plastic toothbrush head and Nylon bristles. We therefore have to assume this toothbrush is not BPA Free.

Updated June 27, 2008:

Baby Buddy:  Baby’s 1st Toothbrush is made of 100% Food Grade Silicone and does not have BPA, Lead, Pthalate or PVC.  Available on OneStepAhead.com.

We have feelers out on a few other brands so we’ll re-post as we get that information.