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Review & Giveaway: Dimpleskins Naturals Bum Bum Balm Diapering Salve

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/29/09 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 10:28 pm

bumbalm1I’ve been lucky that my son doesn’t really get diaper rash often (and let’s hope his new baby sister follows suit on that) but when he does, anything with zinc in it tends to irritate his skin more.   We also cloth diaper, and while I do use disposables on occasion, I need something that I can use while using cloth, so that I don’t have to use even more disposables.    So when I got the opportunity to try Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm, I jumped at the chance.   Bum Bum Balm is completely all natural, zinc free and also safe for those who cloth diaper.  Score!   This is not your typical diaper rash cream.   As I’ve stated, it’s zinc free, so you don’t have that typical white smelly paste that you have with regular diaper rash creams.  Zinc can leave an almost waterproof residue on cloth diapers when they get washed, ruining their absorbency so this is a great alternative for those who are cloth diapering.   Since this is a balm, it goes on nice and light and doesn’t seem to coat the skin where it can’t breathe, yet the beeswax acts as a barrier to keep moisture away from rashes.

Bum Bum Balm’s ingredients are completely all natural.   With less than ten ingredients, all of which I know and can pronounce, I feel good knowing that I’m not putting any unnecessary chemicals on my children. Check out the DimpleSkins Naturals website – they have some great products!   Bum Bum Balm gets a hearty thumbs up from SafeMama.com!

Get it: You can order Bum Bum Balm directly from Dimpleskins website.

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