Avent Releasing More BPA-Free Options

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/16/08 •  1 min read

While I wait to hear how today’s FDA Meeting about Bisphenol-a turns out, I wanted to point you to our friends blog at The Soft Landing.  She confirmed with Avent-Philips that they will be releasing more BPA Free products this month and into October.  The Soft Landing says the products include:

Products due to arrive in September (may be available now in some stores):

  • Bottles: PES Bottle (4oz and 9oz) and Training Kit

Available mid October:

  • Bottles: PES Bottle (11oz), and PES Gift Sets (Newborn, Infant, Essentials)
  • Breast Pumps & Breastmilk Storage: PES Isis (On the Go Set, and w/ 4oz PES bottle), Isis iQ (Uno, Duo), and PES Breastmilk Storage Set
  • Pacifiers: Brand new line of PES designs (Bear, Translucent and Free Flow

Great news! For all your non-toxic baby and kid shopping, check out The Soft Landing!  Further reading, check out Philips’ website to see their new line of PES (Polyethersulfone) bottles, as well as a  materials chart for all Avent products.