Your SIGG Bottle May Contain BPA

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/28/09 •  2 min read

siggIt’s come to light that some older models of SIGG reusable aluminum water bottles contain BPA in the epoxy lining inside the bottle.  As you may already know, the lining on the interior of SIGG’s has been questioned for some time and many skeptics thought that the epoxy may contain BPA… turns out they were right.  The SIGG company “took to heart” the controversy over BPA and went to work on a new lining that was BPA free.  However there were many SIGG bottles on the market since they developed their new lining, called EcoCare. 

Any SIGG Bottle on the market prior to August 2008 has the old epoxy lining, and should BPA be a concern to you then you should replace it with an alternative or a new SIGG with their new EcoCare lining. This inclides the kiddies!   SIGG still maintains that their older models are still “safe” but they spent a lot of money on changing it.  I’d advise anyone with an older SIGG to check it against their website and contact them about a replacement.  They aren’t doing a voluntary recall but we saw a letter from the company on The Consumerist stating they would be handling replacements.

Needless to say, we’re disappointed after having supported them in the past that they weren’t forthcoming in the beginning about their materials.  We recommend you try some other alternatives to SIGG reusable bottles as there are many great ones on the market.  We adore the ThinkSport, Thermos Intak and the Klean Kanteen but there are a ton to choose from.  Check out The Soft Landing for a huge selection of reusable water bottles.