Toxic America Premiers Tonight on CNN

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/02/10 •  2 min read

I don’t usually post about television here on SafeMama but I thought this was particularly relevent, and exciting that this information is making it to CNN.  A two part televised look at “Toxic America” – hosted by Sanjay Gutpa, MD, the medical correspondent for CNN.  In the two part series, the first which debuts tonight called Toxic Town, starts with a look at Mossville, Louisiana. The residents who have been struggling for decades to get government help for problems they say are related to toxic chemical plants (specifically the PVC plant in town).  After a year-long study, Dr. Gupta goes on location to investigate and try to get answers.

Tomorrow night in the second part,  Toxic Childhood, is where they’ll focus on the hidden effects of toxins on all of us, especially pregnant mothers.  The team dissects the latest science on how to minimize risks to pregnant woman and children form potentially harmful chemicals found in the air, in homes, food and in common household products.

To watch, or set your DVR to record starting tonight June 2,2010 at 8pm on CNN.  Check your local listings for channel.

CNN also has a great article and video on the Dirty Dozen, taping into pesticides in produce.  Not new information to us but some might want to see the coverage of it on CNN.