ThinkBaby Bottles: New Member of the BPA Free Family

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/30/07 •  2 min read

Last updated on January 4th, 2008 at 07:38 pm

thinkbabyAs already introduced by our friends at The Soft Landing, the company ThinkBaby LLC has released their line of non-toxic bottles and training cups on the market. As the concern over Bisphenol-a, phthalates and lead increase, more companies are coming out with safe products as alternatives to the slew of old traditional bottles lining the shelves at Babies R Us. As a mom, even the slightest questionable risk is enough to make me switch to a safe alternative. Now, we have more options for our babies and kids.

ThinkBaby has three products on the market, a 5oz bottle, a 9oz bottle and a handled training cup all with travel caps. Their design is sleek and cool looking but looks as though they maintain the functionality that is important to moms who have problems colicky babies. The bottle has a unique venting system to reduce gas and spit up. All the parts are interchangeable between products which sounds handy.

For active moms and dads, they have a slick looking ThinkSport stainless steel bottle which is totally non-toxic as well. I know many have tossed their trusty Nalgene’s for stainless steel bottles. The bottles construction allows for better insulation and keeps liquids hot or cold for hours and is free of PVC, BPA, and Phthalates.

The Soft Landing carries the ThinkBaby line in starter kits, individual bottles as well as ThinkBaby accessories and sports bottles. Take advantage of the 10% off coupon while it lasts. Use “SAFEMAMA” at checkout for 10% off until 12/31/07!