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Teaming Up With Better Life

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/08/12 •  4 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:16 am

I have introduced Better Life products to you in the past.  I discovered them in their beginning stages and instantly fell in love with their products and their approach to making home cleaning products less toxic to use and live with.  I haven’t gone a day without a bottle of What-EVER multi-purpose spray under my sink.  Why? Because for one, I am not a total DIY type of person.  I’ll try and I will use some home made concoctions from time to time to de-clog a drain or make hand soap.  But, I’m lucky if I get to take a shower every day.  So I like the ease of buying a line of products I trust are safer for me to use and to have around my family and pets.

I’ve watched Better Life grow and am always impressed with their new products and improvements.  I’ve not found one thing they cannot clean perfectly. I’m not saying I clean all the time, let’s not get crazy.  But every now and then I go on a binge and clean everything in my path. My latest challenges, I put to the Better Life Cleaning Test and they succeeded with flying colors.  I’ll show you some stubborn cleaning scenarios in my home that are gross and now lovely thanks to one of my favorite products Even The Kitchen Sink.

First I show my rash covered make up less face to the thousands of you that visit here.  Now I ‘m showing you the filth in my home.  Don’t tell me I don’t love my readers!

Scenario #1 – The Shower Door

I have a glass shower enclosure in my bathroom that gets neglected. It gets cloudy from soap build up and just looks nasty.  The photo just doesn’t convey how actually gross it is.  I used conventional cleaners on it and it get s it sort of clean.  But the best results I’ve gotten is with a good scrubbing from a Twist Loofah Sponge and some Even The Kitchen Sink.  I scrub it on, let it sit for a minute or two and then scrub it off.  It was so clean my husband even asked me if I cleaned the shower door (can you tell I do this often?? Ha).  Before I cleaned it, you couldn’t even see the shower drain from outside the door (I even put a handy arrow where the drain should be visible.) Now, sparkling clean.

Scenario #2 – Outside Kids Table

I have an old Fisher Price plastic kids table that was given to me by a neighbor who’s kids were grown. It’s dated, and has been outside for years but still functional.  But because of its age it gets moldy and stained during the times we aren’t using it.  I gave it a face lift with my Even The Kitchen Sink and it came out cleaner than it has ever been.  The before photo is after I wiped it down with Windex.  (I know but I wanted to prove that a chemical cleaner like Windex was no match for this stain.)


Here’s a close up:

As I mentioned, I’ve been using Better Life products to clean my home for a couple years now.  I can clean anything and not get a headache from the toxic fumes thanks to the natural scents like Clary Sage, I can let my kids help out because they’re made to be safe for kids and pets, and they just plain work.  

I am have teamed up with Better Life as one of their Official Bloggers. I’ll have more opportunities and news about new products and giveaways during the next year!


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