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Summer Starter Kit

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/02/11 •  4 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 12:27 am

I released my Sunscreen Cheat Sheet recently and right on time for starting out the summer fun!  Being in the south, we’ve been beaching and swimming for a while so it’s not new to us but the rest of the northern states are gearing up for heading to the beach, lake, river, or wherever you spend your leisure summer days.  So while you’re packing up your big floppy hats, and umbrellas and filling your coolers with snacks, you can add some other summer aides to your pile to make your summer fun and safe.

Lullaby Organics, one of our sponsors and supporters is offering a Summer Starter Kit for some fun in the sun to one of my very lucky readers. In the kit you’ll receive some fabulous goodies from Lullaby Organics to get your summer off to a good start.  Better even, if you don’t win the kit, you can buy your own for yourself or as a gift! These are all GREAT products that I support and love.

Green Toys Sand Play Set – I’m a big fan of Green Toys and for good reason.  Not only are their toys recyclable, but they are made of 100% recycled plastic, made in the USA, and contain no BPA, PVC or Phthalates.  Plus, their toys are really fun to play with.  We’ve used their sand toy set here at the beach many many times.  Everyone fights over the Green Toys shovel because it’s the best one. Their toys are sturdy and well designed and will last far longer than the cheap plastic beach toys we have (that always end up breaking every year).  Green Toys stand the test of time. And they look cool! And then you can recycle them when you’re done with them (which will be never… they really are that sturdy)

Purple Prairie SPF 30+ Sun Stuff – It feels “drier” than other natural sunscreens, protects great, and stands up to swim, beach and rough play in the sun. When you can’t keep hats and sun clothes on the kids, a good sunscreen is a good backup for long days in the sun.  Some sun exposure is very important to overall health, so don’t keep them slathered every second in the sun.  But if you’re out at a picnic for hours on end and the kids won’t get off the playground, a little Sun Stuff will keep them from getting burned. Non-greasy, minimal whiteness (seriously – it’s a non-issue), and good protection.  Hands down my summer favorite this year.

BienElla Bug Spray – Sometimes it gets later in the day and those biting rascals come out to play too.  Here in Florida I battle the buggies every afternoon around dinner time. They are relentless.  So some natural bug repellent is key this time of year. Natural oils confuse bugs and keep them off your arms and legs.  It has a pleasant scent and isn’t heavy on your skin. The small bottle fits perfectly in a side pocket of your nonwoven tote bag.    No DEET, just natural bug repelling oils to keep them at bay.

My Mama’s Love Burn Out Organic Burn Cream – If by chance you happen to get too much sun and there are pink backs and faces running around the house, perhaps a little soothing rescue is in order.  My Mama’s Love Burn Out Burn Cream is great because it is SUPER effective for sunburn and made with natural organic ingredients for a soothing, healing ointment for burns that provides fast relief.  My Mama’s Love products are specialized for problem skin issues like eczema, bug bites, scalp problems, and itchies. Natural organic ingredients that exclude allergens is the key to it’s success!


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