Safer sippies and glass bottles

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/15/07 •  2 min read

In light of all of the media attention on toxic plastics, it was bound to happen: Inflated prices on baby bottles and sippy cups and it really bothers me. As soon as everything hit the fan, I hopped onto ebay looking for glass bottles for my son and immediately notice people already taking advantage with lines like “SAVE YOUR CHILD.” I didn’t even think to look elsewhere, because I really didn’t think that companies still made glass bottles. I came across a great blog entry from The Cleaner Plate and came across a few links on where you can buy Evenflo glass bottles here, here and here. Had I known about this a couple of weeks ago when trying to decide on an alternative for my son, who was using the popular Dr. Brown’s, I probably would have gone with these as they’re similar in style to the Dr. Brown’s. These are a great cheaper alternative if you’re looking to switch to a glass or BPA free bottle. BPA free bottles are more expensive because the plastic is more expensive, I’m guessing.

In that same post, I found some great links to safer sippies, most of which are also listed in the Z Report, which is also linked on the sidebar on the right hand side. One that intrigued me, was the Safe Sippy, which is made of stainless steel, and also touts a spout that’s better for speech. After feverishly searching for a site that has them in stock, I found them here at Tree City Diapers. If you’re interested, hurry and order them, because they’re going fast. I ordered a couple and will post a review of them when I get a chance to try them out. Another good site with some safer alternatives to sippies are:

The Soft Landing – They also sell Green To Grow, Born Free as well as some other great products. Great site with flat shipping on all orders over $50.

I’m still looking for other sites that are selling safer bottles and sippies and will post as I find them. One of the issues a lot of retailers are facing is backorders. So I will let you know if they’re available or on backorder as well.