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By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/02/10 •  5 min read

I’ve spent a lot of time shopping online for safer products and there are lots to choose from right now.  I’ve been working with the lovely people at recently and their website and store has some great information and products.  What makes them different is the one-stop-shopping aspect.  You can learn about the dangers of plastics and chemicals like phthalates, dangers found in mattresses and beauty products, and a realm of other health topics.  Once you have a grasp, you can then hop over to their online store and shop for the very products that help you avoid those dangers. Baby care, toys, clothing, mattresses and even air purifiers. No more shopping from site to site… you can get them all in one place.  They also feature some great blogs, one of which is run by one of our favorite people Katy Farber from Non Toxic Kids.

MightyNest sent me a sampling of products from their online store to check out and review.  Here’s what I thought of them!

Wee·go Glass Bottles – I nurse, but I also pump and let Daddy feed my little one while I get the big kid to bed.  This time around I switched to glass bottles.  I was tentative about using them, for fear of dropping and breaking them.  This is not a problem with the Wee·go glass bottles. We put it to a crash test and were so confident it wouldn’t break we did a bag-less drop test right in my kitchen.  They come in 4oz and 90z sizes and are fitted with a silicone sleeve to protect it from breaking.  What’s great about glass bottles is you can heat liquids in them (holy convenient) and are totally dishwasher safe.  No “top rack only” worries. These come in an array of hip colors too.  Safe and stylish!

Wee go Glass Bottle Crash Test (Don’t worry, kids were far away and have been given the “don’t try this yourself” lecture)

MiYim Organic Chicken Rattle – Ok how cute is this? I had seen these in a gift shop ages ago and remember commenting on how nice they were. And they are! These organic cotton baby toys are soft and really well made. They take a beating and still look great after baby has chewed on them, thrown them across the room or even been stolen by your little dog.  MiYim toys are made with 100% organic cotton materials so when little Sally is gnawing on them you have peace of mind… MiYim uses non-toxic & chemical free coloring with a low eco impact dye process.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – Ok confession time. Earth Mama Angel Baby is one of our top choices in baby care and I have never ordered the baby shampoo. Not for any particular reason other than I never got around to it.  MightyNest sent us a bottle of it and I am seriously a total convert.  For one, there is no strong scent which can be evident with other natural brands.  Secondly, this pure concoction comes in a foamer bottle so you can wash baby easily and you can stretch your dollar because a little now goes a long way. It cleans great and baby looks all cute and fluffy after. I love how pure the ingredients are and I trust Earth Mama Angel Baby 100% to provide the safest baby care products.

Chapter One Organics Organic Cotton Bib – I have a couple of organic cotton bibs, which I got prior to this one.  They don’t compare well.  We received the Groovy Ocean bib. It is super soft, has really subtle nice colors and covers a large area of baby’s chest, which has come in handy thanks to Droolfest 2010.  I use this bib a lot to keep his shirt dry and I could use it for when he’s eating but I just like it too much to see it get stained by sweet potatoes and carrots.  I’ve washed it 100 times and it has kept its shape (A big bib peeve of mine), is still soft and still looks fabulous. These bibs are also made in the USA!

Chan Pie Non Natural Rubber Teether – We’ve been using this teether for a while.  I love it because it’s made with natural rubber (in the French Alps…ooh la la!) so it’s BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free.  They are cute and charming while being soft and squishy enough for baby to chew on safely.  It has a funny squeak which my baby thinks is pretty funny. The paints are all food-grade and non-toxic. Next to Sophie the Giraffe which is also made by Vulli, he’s got a wider size so you don’t worry about parts of it getting stuck in baby’s mouth.

CHECK THEM OUT: You can find these and tons of other great safe products in  Use coupon code “Safe10” to receive 10% off your order!  Thanks MightyNest for doing this review with us!

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