SafeMama Review: Road’s End Mac and Chreese

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/16/09 •  2 min read

123z_picIn my never-ending quest for allergen-free alternatives to what all the other kids are eating, I stumbled upon products by Road’s End.  Road’s End is an organic, environmentally-friendly company that specializes in plant-based versions of  “comfort food”.  Their product packaging is all recycled materials and they strive to recycle and reuse as part of their operating procedure.

What drew me to Road’s End was their “123’z and Chreese 4 Kidz”. Now I can’t lie: as an English major in college, a part of me died at the use of  “z’s” in place of “s’s” here.  And also, “chreese”?  I decided to give it a whirl anyway, because I wanted my little guy to have the experience of mac and cheese, one of life’s greatest little pleasures.  I didn’t have high hopes.  At all.

But to my surprise, it was good.  A little different from regular ol’ Kraft variety.  It’s not as bland and not as, um, “yellow” as Kraft’s.   It’s creamy, flavorful and the noodle numbers are cute. When comparing the ingredients of Road’s End and Kraft varieties, I’m definitely more comfortable with the Road’s End ingredient list.

My son was only about 14 months old at the time he first tried it and he was going through a weird texture issue, so the shape of the noodles threw him for a bit of a loop.  Now he thinks they’re great and frankly I have a hide the box in the back of the cupboard or he’d want Mac and Chreese every night.

Get It: Order through the Road’s End website or use their store locator function.