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SafeMama Diaper Rash Cheat Sheet

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/12/09 •  6 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:52 am

Welcome to the SafeMama Diaper Rash Cheat Sheet!  We got this request a dozen times so here we go. One of the inevitable things about having kids, is diaper rash. I’ve been lucky so far with my son never really getting diaper rash, though he’s had his fair share of weird patches, oozing eczema on the behind and some of other things, so I always kept diaper rash cream on hand.  And I know some kids are more prone to it than others.  One of my friend’s kids seems to get diaper rash from the slightest thing.  Others only get it when they start solids. Who knows.  But I do know that even if kids only ever got it once, I’d rather slather it with something safer than paraben cream plus.

So we compiled a short list of diaper rash creams that are better for your baby.  Granted, this is not every single safe cream that’s out there, just some that we’ve tried or are from brands that we know and trust, or that we’ve tried personally.  It doesn’t mean that your preferred brand is bad if it’s not included on here.

We’ve divided this list into two categories:  zinc based balms and zinc free balms that are safe to use with cloth diapers.  Zinc based balms can cause build up on cloth diapers, preventing them from doing their job, and really, you want your diaper to do its job.

Zinc Based Balms

California Baby

cababyKathy says: Love it! Cures all my diaper rash issues but has a strong scent. I would spot test before using in case some babies have sensitivity to it.  I have used this is conjuction with the California Diaper Wash spray (use at each poop change) and I have had very little diaper rash problems if any to speak of.

Statia says: My son is one of those who has sensitivity to it. It worked OK for awhile, but one day, I put it on and he screamed bloody murder. I haven’t used it since.

Price: $9.99  Skin Deep: 3  | Buy it on Amazon, or find it at many local stores including grocery stores, Target and Whole Foods.

Nature’s Baby Organics

organic_diapercreamKathy says: This diaper cream is unscented which is nice since many creams have a strong smell, but it seperates in the tube between uses quickly and you get an oil oozing out of the tube.  So when you’re trying to cream up a wiggly baby, it gets chucked back into the drawer and I grab for something else.  Goes on a little thin for my taste too.

Price: $12.00 Skin Deep: 1  | Buy it on Amazon


Weleda Diaper Care

weledababy Neither of us has tried this one yet, but we love a lot of Weleda’s products and with calendula, the zinc not only forms a barrier to protect rashes, but the calendula helps heal the rash.  Kathy has a sample of this in her diaper bag so she’ll inevitably have some thoughts on it soon.

Price: $11.00 Skin Deep: 3  | Buy it on Amazon, or find it at many local stores including grocery stores, Target and Whole Foods.

Burts Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

burtsbeesbabyStatia says: I actually like the Burts Bees diaper rash cream. It’s really thick and covers well. The price point is nice and it’s readily available just about everywhere.  Kathy says: I can’t stand the smell of this or any other burts bees baby stuff (except the bar soap) so I don’t care for it but I’ll use it if there’s nothing else around.

Price: $8.99  Skin Deep: 3  | Buy it on Amazon, or find it at many local stores including grocery stores, Target and Whole Foods.

Little Twig Diaper Cream

littletwigdc We like a lot of Little Twig’s products, and while we haven’t tried this one, we know that Little Twig puts out paraben and phthalate-free products. Sign up for their mailing list, they’re always sending out coupons.

Price: $12.00   Skin Deep: N/A  | Buy it on Amazon.

Zinc Free Formulas

The great thing about zinc-free balms is that you can use them on cloth diapers and not have to worry about buildup. They allow the skin to breathe and they’re multi purpose. I use my zinc free balms on scrapes, cuts, bug bites and more.

Earth Mama Organics Bottom Balm

AngelBottomBalm Statia says: I really like this one. It’s soft enough in the container and it melts onto the baby’s skin. It helps heal nicely and there’s no real scent to it, which is also nice. The other nice thing is that while it’s a little pricey, a small container will fit nicely in a diaper bag, so I’m not lugging around a giant tube of diaper cream.  Kathy says: I’ve used many other EMAB products and I LOVE the ingredients… they all rate a ZERO in Skin Deep too.

Price: $7.00+   Skin Deep: 0  | Buy it on Amazon.

Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm

bumbalm1 Statia Says: I really like Bum Bum Balm. We used this a lot in the early days, along with Earth Mama on my daughter, who seemed to poop with every diaper change, making her poor little hiney chapped and raw. This stuff worked like a charm. It’s a little tough to get it going at first, but once you get it out of the container, it goes on nicely.

Price: $9.95   Skin Deep: 0  | Buy it on Amazon.

Lusa Organics Booty Balm

lusabalm Statia says: I keep a tin of this in my son’s room, who as of late, can’t be bothered to come around for a post poop diaper change. Because of this, he gets rogue breakouts and this stuff seems to heal them nearly in the same day. I also put it on his cuts too and it helps keep them moisturized.

Price: $5.25 – 7.50  Skin Deep: N/A  | Buy it on LuSa Organics’ website (comes in travel sizes too)

Dr Bronners Organic Baby Balm

drbronner This is another one that neither one of us has tried, but we personally use a lot of Dr Bronners in this house. My husband uses the soap for shampoo. We use it for hand soap and I use the bar soap to wash my face. So I trust that this would work rather well.

Price: ~ $4.00 Skin Deep: 1  | Buy it on Amazon.



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