Safe Mama talks with the EWG about BPA in Baby Formula

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/05/07 •  2 min read

I just got off the horn with a group of bloggers who were asked to talk with Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst who works with the Environmental Working Group. The EWG published a report last night, which has already been reported on by CNN, regarding levels of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby formula. We talk a lot here about buying BPA Free products for our kids, but studies now show that the levels of BPA found in liquid formula’s is really where the concern should be. Ms Lunder’s report puts the focus on canned liquid formula as containing the highest concentration of BPA in formula, which is far more than what can occur from a leeching baby bottle. The report they published offers some guidelines for formula feeding and what formula choices are better.

From the report:

1. Your first choice should be powdered formula in a can with as little metal as possible, such as the brands in this order:

BETTER Nestlé, Enfamil & Similac powdered (BPA in top and bottom of can)
GOOD Earth’s Best & Bright Beginnings powdered (BPA in entire can)

2. Second choice: concentrated liquid formulas
3. Avoid all ready-to-eat liquid formulas in metal cans

The EWG provides the full report on their website with a quick “cheat sheet” covering the basis of recommended products and materials. Also available in a printable PDF.

What can we do? It’s not a good feeling knowing companies willingly use packaging with BPA even though the FDA deems it “safe”. What they don’t tell you is that BPA is in a lot of things we use daily and what our kids use which collectively can create unacceptable levels of BPA in our kids and in us.

Take Action. Write to the formula companies to let them know you want it removed. You can find contact info for most major formula companies in EWG’s report.

Thank you EWG and Sonya Lunder for publishing this report and for including us in helping get the word out.