SafeMama Review: The Great Bag

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/27/08 •  2 min read

Every grocery store you go into now, has reusable bags. I don’t mind them so much, but I have a bevy of them, all from different stores, with accompanying in your face store logo. I’ll admit, while I try to remember to bring my bags with me, I hate that I’m advertising for someone else. And since I have bags from just about every store in my area, I guess that means I get around.

Unless of course, I’m flaunting myself around town with The Great Bag. Then every store will think that we’re an exclusive item and I’ll get away with shopping everywhere and look cute doing it.

When I opened up the envelope, I was amazed at how well these bags are made. They’re 100% cotton and 100% soft. What I really liked about the bags, besides the cute designs, is how sturdy they are. They’re all handmade in the USA, doubled in fabric for strength, along with reinforced handles. And they have really neat features such as hooks on each end to hook them onto the bag holders in the grocery store. Definitely not something you’d see on a chintzy reusable store bag.

The Great Bag just proves that you can be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. And let’s face it, you never know who you might run into at the grocery store.

Get it here: The Great Bag.