SafeMama Review: Primo Water

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/25/08 •  2 min read

Americans consume an insane amount of bottled water per year. Just for the convenience factor alone. And when we’re out and about and I’ve forgotten my reusable bottle, I’m just as guilty. But the worst part about the mass bottled water market, is that about only 20% of those plastic bottles end up getting recycled. 20 percent! When you think about how small that number is, and exactly how many plastic bottles end up in a landfill, it’s quite disturbing.

One company, trying to make a difference, took this information and ran with it. And Primo Water was born. Primo’s water bottles are made from genetically modified corn, using 65% less fossil fuels than conventional water. The water in our house has been affectionately dubbed “corn water.” The water itself doesn’t taste like corn of course. It tastes like good old fashioned water. And you can rest easier knowing that you’re making a difference as not only is the bottle made with less fossil fuels, but it’s fully recyclable, as well as compostable (but don’t try to do it yourself).

You can buy Primo Water in some grocery stores, and you should see them cropping up in more stores. I found some at my local Target as well.