Product Review: Love Me Baby Me

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/05/08 •  2 min read

gift2_downA while back, I had emailed Rosemary, the founder of the Love Me, Baby Me, in regards to some concerns that were voiced by our readers, stating that they had purchased some of the products, only to find PEG’s on the label. Rosemary had assured me that all the products had recently been reformulated to be free of PEG’s, and on top of that, sent me one of their Precious Paks, which contained 2 ounce sample sizes of all of the Love Me, Baby Me line (perfect for traveling).

When I first opened up the bottles to smell, I was at first, a little taken back. I’m so used to everything smelling so strongly of lavender and medicine, that I was surprised. The smell is different, and at first, I wasn’t sure that I liked it, but it grew on me. It’s very floral, like a fresh spring day. Even my husband liked it, which I thought for sure he would have thought it was too girly for our son.

The website states that a little goes a long way, with all of their products and that is true. One of the things I hate about a lot of the chemical free products, is the lack of lather. I have to use two to three times as much shampoo, which makes it more expensive in the long run. Love Me Baby Me lathers fabulously. The creamy cream has a little bit of lingering greasiness, but once it absorbs, it leaves my skin soft (why yes, I did steal the lotion, like you’re surprised).

All of Love Me, Baby Me’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS’s dioxanes, propylene glycol, and other PEG’s.

Edited To Add: I completely forgot to add, which Rosemary so kindly pointed out to me, that the line was also recently reformulated organic as well. Their base uses an infusion of an organic botanical herbal tea, They also use a proprietary blend of pure flower extracts from Europe as their preservative system, which gives Love Me Baby Me its unique scent. And it really is unique.