Review: Leakproof Lunch With LunchBots Clicks

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/07/12 •  2 min read

I have been a long time fan of Lunchbots. My son goes to school every day with one form of LunchBot or another. I think stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to sending food to school in reusable containers. Why? There isn’t a risk of chemicals leaching into your food like there is with plastic. High quality food grade stainless steel doesn’t need coatings or linings, and it’s durable. Durability is key with little kids! Glass is a great choice too but let’s face it, I’m not sending an almost 7 year old boy to school with glass.

I make our own versions of “Lunchables” in their Quad Container, and I pack a sandwich in the Uno Containers many days.  I pack a separate snack of fruit and cheese in the Pico Container because they’re smaller and compact enough for snack time.  Until now, I have had to use something else for messier snacks and meals like macaroni salads and juicy fruits. But Lunchbots has saved the day with their new LunchBots Clicks leakproof container sets.  I LOVE all the variations in sizes and they are great for those food items that might be a little more liquidy or juicy.  I pack berries, watermelon slices, pasta salads, or even dry cereal (he adds the milk later).  When it’s packed back up I don’t end up with a big mess in the lunchbox at home.

I love the bigger sizes for packing up salads for me to keep in the fridge for a quick meal later. Quinoa salads or mini Caprese salads pack beautifully in them for the cooler which I’ve dragged to the pool or park on many occasions this summer.  Each set comes with two, one being deeper than the other which works out perfectly when I pack bulky watermelon slices or mango fruit salads.  They always come back empty! The Clicks lids are BPA free made with polypropylene and a silicone seal.

I’m a LunchBots cheerleader… They are a great investment into a waste-free lunch system for your kids or you.  (They’re also recyclable!)

Where to Buy: You can find LunchBots from many of my kind sponsors who support and keep me going.  You Can find the new Clicks Leak Proof Containers on

My Little Green Shop, The Glass Baby Bottle and MightyNest carries the original LunchBots products as well.