Review: BeeCeuticals Organics

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/03/07 •  4 min read

Beeceuticals OrganicsWe go through all the trouble to find good products for our kids, but what about us? I freely admit to being a product addict. I’ve tried them all. I am ashamed to admit how many lip balms and glosses are in my purse at this very moment. After doing so much reading about harmful ingredients like parabens, lead, formaldehyde being found in beauty products and what they might possibly do to me has caused me to do a total 180 on how I select products for myself. I heard about BeeCeuticals Organics from a radio advertisement on the Howard Stern Show and checked out their website. I quickly ordered a few products to try out. The Bee-yond Lip Balm™ Organic Strawberry, the Bee Line Free™ Eye Cream, and the Bee-yond Body Balm™.

What struck me with these products is how far they go to ensure the product is completely natural, 100% organic and the lengths at which they go to to help preserve the bee population and the earth in general. They use all certified organic botanicals, extracts, oils and butters. Each product contains their trademark healing Organic Holistic Honey Blend™. They never use sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, parabens or synthetic fragrances which if you’ve been following along at home are made of petroleum chemicals, that can cause a bevy of long term health problems.

The Bee-yond Lip Balm™ is a new favorite thing, although its not very “strawberry” as it more reminds me of honey or cake. The scent is subtle, which I like. I think if they named it something other than strawberry, my initial reaction would have been better. However, this lip balm is one of the best I have ever used. Dare I say it, far better than Burt’s Bees. BETTER. It glides on smoother and just feels less waxy. I am going to order myself the mint flavor.

The Bee Line Free™ Eye Cream is creamy and really a nice eye cream. One of the things I use daily is eye cream and the last thing I want is to be slathering petroleum on my eyes every day. It’s soothing, non irritating and absorbs well. It’s slightly greasy but if used in small amounts is ok for day wear too.

Now, The Bee-yond Body Balm™ is what gave me that initial “Oh no, another dud.” about this line of products. I opened the jar of balm and anticipated a soft malleable product to soothe my dry hands. Instead, I peered into what looked like a solid rock. At first touch I was disappointed. But in the true fashion of testing I gave it my best attempt. Once I broke this stuff in it got considerably softer and easy to work with. It has a slight grainy texture to it but when massaged into rough spots like heels and cuticles it all absorbs. I didn’t think it was anything that spectacular until I woke up the next morning after using it and my feet were actually soft. No product has ever done that for me. NONE. It’s like a magic dry foot miracle this stuff. It has a lavender scent which is perfect for my night routine. After a rocky start this product turned into a diamond in the rough.

I love what this company is doing with their products. I emailed with them briefly about their packaging as well and was informed they would soon be converting their packaging to all glass for their jars and 100% Post consumer recycled BPA-free PETE plastic for bottles. And who doesn’t want to help the bees? They get a huge thumbs up from me. You can buy their products on their website