Review: All Things Jill Maternity Skin Care

By Kristie Turck •  Published 04/15/09 •  2 min read

all things jillAt 26+ weeks pregnant I am already immersed in my “please don’t let me get any stretchmarks” belly rub down routines.  As you may very well know, stretchmarks are a natural and hereditary part of the process.  Many times, it’s just unavoidable and there’s no magic cure.  But you can keep your skin conditioned and primed for the big stretch which will (hopefully) keep them to only the required amount (we can dream right?) but will also help alleviate itchiness and keep skin happy while it makes changes.

Our friends at Nayla Natural Care, a fabulous online store based out of Canada, sent us some samples of the skin care developed by All Things Jill.  I’ve been using the All Things Jill Beautiful Belly Balm for the past few weeks and am really loving it.  The only ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter*, mango butter*, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, beeswax, rosemary extract, essential oils of mandarin*, lavender*, white grapefruit* & rose geranium (* = certified organic). I love products with just a few ingredients that still feel like a treat.

I’ve typically always used belly oil but this is far less messy.  I can put it on in bed and not get it all over the place.  If you do like oils, All Things Jill also makes a Mama Mia Massage Oil that works just as well for a belly oil.  I tend to like applying oils after a shower and keep the balms for bed time.  This one has a light scent and doesn’t overpower you.   She also offers a Mandarin Stretchmark Oil that contains “healing oils” like avocado oil, wheat germ oil, calendula oil, vitamin E oil to help heal  and moisturize forming or existing stretchmarks.

Get It: I love this line for its minimal yet natural and certified organic ingredients.  Totally chemical free.  Thank you to Nayla Natural Care for introducing us to All Things Jill.  You can pick up these or a gift pack of All Things Jill Mom-To-Be Survival Kit on Ships to Canada & U.S!