Review: Adiri Natural Nursers

By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/13/08 •  3 min read

adiri I recently bought a couple of the Adiri Natural Nursers. First, I wanted to get away from the other plastic bottles we have and go BPA-free. Secondly, I figured that a breast-like nipple would be good for keeping breast feeding going. My son is about to hit 4 months and has only used a bottle a few times until now. I just went back to work part-time and he gets a bottle once or twice a day 1-2 days a week.

I went with the second stage bottles and I’m wondering if that’s the problem. It could be that the flow is just a little too fast for him. In addition, he’s been a little fussy and hard to latch anyway, and I’m not sure if the bottles are helping. Recently, I tried to use the bottle. He ate, but had a wide-eyed look that he gets when my milk lets down too fast. He pulled away so much that he seems to be getting a lot of air in his stomach, even though the vent on the Adiri is supposed to help with that. (It would if he got a good seal on the bottle, I think.)

The jury’s still out for me on this one. It could just be that we’re hitting a rough spot due to a growth spurt. Or upcoming teething (he’s drooling a LOT). And it could be that he feels my stress at starting back to work. I’m really hoping that things will go better after he gets a little more used to the bottles.

To be fair, my husband uses them more than I do, since he feeds the tyke when I’m at work. He did also think that maybe the bottle flows a tad too fast, but our son isn’t quite four months old and is just now starting bottles regularly. It probably would have been better to start with Stage 1, but I thought we’d only use a slower stage for a few weeks before switching. Hubby hasn’t noticed any trouble latching, so it may have been a bad day for the boy — and me. Or he could be getting to the point where he doesn’t want a bottle from me.

To make things a bit harder, the bottles have been leaking inside the cover when I fill them up. I followed the directions, which said to make sure there’s a tight seal. And I did. But still, leakage. I emailed The Soft Landing, where I got the bottles, and they passed me on to Adiri. Their response time rocks. Adiri offered to replace the bottles for us. So we’ll give the new ones a try when they arrive and see if they fare any better.

And I’ll update you all when I try the new ones. Also, more reviews to come!