Product Review: Nature’s Baby Organics

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/13/08 •  4 min read

Nature's babyI know, you think I love everything.  But, I am usually moved to write a review when I am passionate about a product.  A few months ago I ordered some items from Nature’s Baby Organics to try out on my son.  I’ve always been a California Baby user, because I liked the line but also out of convenience… it’s easy to find.  But after starting our Safe Baby Care Cheat Sheets I quickly realized that there are a lot of great companies out there who’s goal is to provide us safe and organic products, without compromising quality.  One of those is Nature’s Baby Organics.  I forget where I came across them originally but after looking at their website I knew I had to give it a try. 

Nature's Baby Shampoo Body Wash My biggest peeve with truely natural products is the abundance of lavender scents.  Lucky for me, I like lavender.  But sometimes, you are just over it.  Something, anything not lavender will do.  Willing to do anything to escape the ho-hum lavender scents I was surrounded with,  I purchased the Vanilla Tangerine Shampoo and Body Wash and the Leave in Conditioner and Detangler (we get some serious bed head in this house) and the company generously sent us a few extras to test out.  I have a wide array of items that we’ve tried from the Safe Baby Care Cheat Sheet in our bathroom, but I keep going back to the Vanilla Tangerine goodness.  I first tried the Shampoo & Body Wash and when it comes out of the bottle it looks little jelly-like, so at first I was skeptical about the performance. But it lathers well and smells sweet without being too overpowering.   It rinses clean and a relatively small amount goes a long way.   I decided to give the coordinating conditioner a try too… it seemed gentle enough and it touts “Leave In” as an option.  This conditioner seems to have erradicated the morning case of bedhead and makes his hair shiny and soft.  And did I mention he smells delicious?

In my shipment I also recieved the Fragrance free Face and Body Lotion whic I quickly stole for myself.  Duh.  Many times, I’ve encountered “unscented” or “fragrance free” lotion and it smells like chemicals or smells weird.  Not this one!  It has a really subtle clean smell to it and once absorbed it doesn’t smell at all.  It has a creamy thick consistency but goes on thin enough to absorb fast so you aren’t waiting around to get dressed.  Personally, I hate the smell of the Burt’s Bees body lotions – they are too strong for me –  so I ditched them for this one.

I got an array of other items they make including the Organic & Preservative Free Diaper Cream, which I like.  I have been a die hard California Baby Diaper Rash Cream person because that seems to work the best on my son, but what I like about Nature’s Baby is the lack of scent.  Sometimes I can’t stand the smell of diaper cream so this is a nice change.

organic stickThey have a wide array of products that cover most of the baby care bases including a nice room spray, the PU All Purpose Room Deodorizer that is safe and long lasting… we all know the evil smell of the diaper pail can be a powerful force.  The Organic Soothing Stick was a nice solution to spot treating dry skin patches without needing to slather lotion all over the place, fits nicely in a diaper bag too.  I once used it as a make-shift lip balm.  And one of the more brilliant products is the Ah-Choo Chest Rub.  We haven’t had any colds yet but I love the idea of using this instead of the icky Vicks petroleum based chest rub. 

Bottom Line:  This is a great product line and a responsible, kind company.  They promise their products to be USDA Certified Organic and free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrances and DEA.  They are also signers of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics and are animal cruetly free.  Nature’s Baby Organics is Safe Mama Approved!