Playtex BPA Free Ventaire Advanced Coming in November (Giveaway!)

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/10/08 •  3 min read

Last updated on October 18th, 2008 at 02:06 pm

With the news surrounding BPA swirling about, companies making baby bottles are reacting to consumer demand for BPA Free feeding options.  Avent released their BPA Free bottle this year and companies like MAM starting printing their BPA Free status on their packaging. We’re happy to see some of the bigger players catering to those of us who want that option.  Playtex was one of the first companies to publish a materials list (PDF) on their website to address consumer questions, and now, they are releasing not one but two BPA Free bottles this year.

Coming in late October / early November is the Playtex Ventaire® Advanced which is made with BPA-free and phthalate-free clarified polypropylene.  The bottle will be available in standard and wideneck styles and will feature the same angled neck and vent system that reduces gas and colic.  These will retail at an affordable price $4.39 – 5.39 for the single bottle and $11.99-12.99 for the 3 packs.

To follow on it’s heels, Playtex plans to release the Playtex Ventaire® Advanced Crystal Clear™ System which will be the same great bottle only made with Triton™, which is the same material (co-polyester) used to make products like the new Camelbak Better Bottle.  It has a clear appearance and a harder shatterproof quality.  The Playtex Ventaire® Advanced Crystal Clear™ System will retail a little higher than the polypropylene version at around $6.39 – 7.39 for their single packs and $17.99 – 18.99 for the 3 pack.  These are due out at the end of November. Look for their BPA Free seal on the packaging.

Playtex is on a BPA Free warpath and are working on the conversion of other products like their breast pumps as well, which we are happy to hear!  We’re excited about Playtex addressing BPA especially since some of the BPA Free options are higher on the price scale, so consumers will be relieved to have an affordable option.

Win One! We’re giving away a standard size Playtex Ventaire Advanced BPA Free bottle!

Email safemama (at) with the subject “Playtex BPA Free Bottle Giveaway!” along with with your name and mailing address. Contest closed.

We’ll accept entries until midnight EST on October 16th. We’ll announce a winner on October 17th. (Note: your email address will not be saved or used to email you other than to notify you if you win. We’ll list the winner here as well as in Prizey Fetch.)

Giveaway has ended.  Thanks to all who entered and Congratulations to our winner Elizabeth from Whitmore Lake Michigan!